Grey's Anatomy: 5 Times We Wanted to Throw Something at the Screen

Grey's Anatomy: 5 Times We Wanted to Throw Something at the Screen
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Millions of people are still watching and talking about Grey's Anatomy late into its second decade, thanks to the creators' ability to reinvent characters and keep main storylines interesting.

That doesn't mean fans didn't have to endure moments of disappointment, though. Continuity hasn't been as smooth as many would have liked, and some moments in the show have been nerve-wracking to watch.

Addison Showing Up

Meredith was just too good to be turned into "the other woman," which is exactly what she became the moment Addison showed up. The fans were only getting to love Meredith's relationship with Derek, as it seemed like the show's best relationship at the time. When Addison came into the picture, Derek not only became the bad guy, Meredith dropped her standards.

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It was disappointing to watch Meredith begging Derek to choose her over Addison, knowing very well that they were married and that Addison was just an innocent woman trying to save her marriage. The love triangle was cringeworthy, as both Meredith and Derek behaved like teenagers who couldn't figure out what to do with their forbidden love.

Derek's Death

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Derek Shepherd was one of the unluckiest characters in the show, especially by the way he died. He had just made peace with Meredith and chosen his family over the big job in DC, only to die before achieving his life's dream. The death of major characters always evokes anger in viewers, but the way the show handled Derek was just too disappointing.

Derek was involved in so many near-death scenes, surely the writers could have found a better reason for his death than a random car accident. They also went ahead to give viewers false hope with the surgery and life support, only to break their hearts at the end of the same episode. His funeral didn't even last the length of the theme song. It was obvious that the creators just wanted to get rid of him.

The Musical Event

Song Beneath The Song was one of the worst episodes in Grey's Anatomy, and many fans can't help but skip it. The entire episode was cringeworthy, as none of the characters seemed to have been properly prepared for the event. The episode was supposed to be motivated by Callie's condition, yet she didn't seem to get enough screen time, let alone mentions in the entire episode. The performances looked and felt awkward and nobody seemed committed to it, which is why many fans feel it wouldn't have been missed if it never happened.

Arizona Cheating On Callie

Callie's family disowned her and even cut her off financially because she was dating a woman and the last thing she needed was heartbreak after marrying one. Arizona was mad at her for agreeing to amputate her leg, but she only did it to save her life. Besides, Callie never stopped trying her best to help Arizona after the amputation. Arizona, on the other hand, became selfish and didn't even seem to think twice before cheating on her.

She totally ignored Callie's feelings and went on to sleep with Murphy even before they got a chance to work on the marriage. Callie was reduced to the begging wife after doing everything right. To make it worse, Arizona won the custody case, and Callie's losses just didn't seem to end.

Izzie And George's Relationship

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George just didn't seem to be good enough for anyone, as all of his relationships ended the same way. His relationship with Izzie was the worst of all, though, as it seemed to grow strong after he got married to Callie. It just didn't make any sense because he had chased Callie for so long and their marriage was one of the few happy ones in the show.

George cheating on Callie, especially with Izzie was just unthinkable. Izzie deserved better than George, and the two of them just had no connection. The relationship then disappeared into thin air as if it never happened.