Guess Who Jumped in on Morbius Memes... And No, It Doesn't Mean a Sequel (Probably)

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Right on time… or should we say, right on "morbin' time"?

After months of Morbius memes haunting the Internet and even resurrecting the movie in the cinemas (briefly), Jared Leto has finally embraced the joke.

In a new video shared on his social media, Leto is seen sitting on the coach and holding something that looks like a script, pretending to hide away the title on the front page. However, it then becomes clear that the title reads 'Morbius 2: It's Morbin' Time', adding that it is "written by Bartholomew Cubbins".

What time is it? It looks more like it's time to finally let it go, because many people deemed Leto's nod to the meme culture to be cringe-worthy.

However, others immediately responded with the wave of Morbius memes – not less cringe-worthy, we'll have to admit.

Even though Leto's video can hardly count as the official sequel announcement, people suggested that there was a way for 'Morbius 2' to cash in on all the memes.

This theory did not work when 'Morbius' returned to the cinemas due to the meme culture, though. According to Forbes, the movie only made $85,000 on Friday after making a return to over 1,000 theaters. The "resurrection" brought the movie's domestic box office to a modest $73.6 million.

Seems like it is still not "morbin' time" – neither now, nor ever.

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