Harry Potter: Crucial Draco Malfoy Scene Was Cut, Robbing Him of Redemption Arc

Harry Potter: Crucial Draco Malfoy Scene Was Cut, Robbing Him of Redemption Arc
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In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, Draco initially had a redemption scene — but since it basically ruined the final plot twist, it was cut, leaving Draco in a pretty bad light.

Draco Malfoy has been Harry Potter ’s biggest school rival throughout all chapters of the Chosen One’s story, and their relationship has always been far from friendly. Draco was a lying, cowardly, and ill-intended person with a severe superiority complex and lack of empathy — and everyone save for other Slytherin students treated him as such.

Of course, calling Draco a villain would be an exaggeration, but he wasn’t a good man, either. He was a Death Eater whose repeated attempts on Dumbledore’s life got people maimed and killed, and he hurt one too many decent folks throughout his life. We’re not even touching on the topic of him being racist and full of prejudices.

However, Draco has quite a lot of fans in the Harry Potter community, and many of them seek to justify the boy’s actions and misconceptions by his upbringing. They even claim that in the end, Draco redeemed himself — even though in fact, there was never a redemption arc for him either in the books or in the movies.

But apparently, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 initially wanted to let Draco redeem himself! There was a short scene suggesting that the boy finally decided to right his wrongs and help Harry against Lord Voldemort. In this scene, Draco rushes across the courtyard and tosses Harry his wand before the final duel.

Here’s the short behind-the-scenes clip of this scene.

Despite Draco’s general popularity among fans, this short redemption moment was later deleted since it could ruin the integrity of the main plot. Harry famously won Draco’s wand in a duel, so the latter couldn’t have it. Also, if Draco was still the master of his wand after that, it would mean that he would still be the master of the Elder Wand, too, which would’ve completely ruined the final plot twist of the movie.

Of course, Draco Malfoy fans still can’t forgive the director for cutting Draco’s redemption out of the movie despite it making perfect sense. But honestly, do we really expect Malfoy fans to make sense of anything? We’ll leave this question hanging both in the air and down below.

What’s your opinion of Draco Malfoy?