Harry Potter: Every Part's Plot Is Lowkey The Same And It's Hilarious

Harry Potter: Every Part's Plot Is Lowkey The Same And It's Hilarious
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Good old Harry lived in his personal version of Wizarding hell — a constant loop of insidious Dark wizards who he failed to identify and came out surprised every time.


  • In his first four years at Hogwarts, Harry Potter repeatedly failed to identify his enemies while they were next to him.
  • Once, Harry even managed to become pals with the younger version of Lord Voldemort that terrorized the castle.
  • The one time Harry didn’t suspect Severus Snape of being the mysterious figure he was investigating, it was, indeed, Snape.

Ever since he enrolled in Hogwarts, young Harry Potter’s life has become increasingly interesting, dangerous, and unpredictable — but at the same time, quite repetitive and following the same pattern year after year. But in this carnival of Dark wizards’ plots, both Harry and his friends failed to recognize this insidious pattern.

Every Year, Harry Had To Deal With A Dark Wizard

His infant meeting with Lord Voldemort aside, Harry Potter started dealing with treacherous Dark wizards in his first year at Hogwarts. From that point, it was the same old story every year, and Harry’s actions barely adapted to the repetitiveness.

Harry Potter’s toxic trait? Always knowing that there’s a Dark wizard weaving evil schemes around — and never identifying said wizard correctly. Seriously, Harry and his friends rarely ever were correct with their suspects, and the real culprit was always right under their nose, giggling diabolically at their attempts to catch up.

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Every Year, Harry Failed To Find The Dark Wizard

In Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry believed it was Severus Snape who wanted to steal the Stone, but in the end, it was his beloved Professor Quirell. In The Chamber of Secrets, Harry realized there’s a giant evil snake on the loose, but it wasn’t the Basilisk who was the real enemy — it was Tom Riddle, Harry’s pen friend of sorts.

In Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry thought there was a murderous Death Eater on his trail but thought it was Sirius Black; in the end, it was Peter Pettigrew, his pal’s rat. In Goblet of Fire, Harry thought Igor Karkaroff or even Barty Crouch were behind his participation in the tournament, but it was his favorite Professor, Barty Crouch…Jr.

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The last three years didn’t quite follow this pattern, though we might still argue Harry didn’t learn much. In Order of the Phoenix, Harry hated Snape for teaching him Occlumency but had he learned it, his godfather would have lived. In Half-Blood Prince, Harry defended the mysterious Prince — and the latter killed his mentor. It was Severus Snape all along — the first time Harry didn’t suspect the Potions Master.

Thankfully, in Deathly Hallows, there was no place for confusion: it was hard to mistake someone else for the main villain with Lord Voldemort on the loose. But wait… Remember Bathilda Bagshot? What a nice, helpful lady she was, wasn’t she? The smell was kind of off, but it’s not like that would mean anything, right?..