Harry Potter Fans Can't Agree On The Best Magical Artifact In The Series

Harry Potter Fans Can't Agree On The Best Magical Artifact In The Series
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With so many magical items to choose from in the Wizarding World, what are the most useful things to have for us Muggles?


  • The Wizarding World has a plethora of unique artifacts and magical items Muggles would have killed for.
  • Some items can completely remove everyday struggles; others can make certain decisions much easier.
  • There’s a distinct difference in those artifacts' quality, though, as even when dreaming, no one would want some of them even for free.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter features perhaps one too many flashy artifacts, magical items, and peculiar potions. If we as Muggles happened upon a stash of those things and had to only choose one, it would have been a painful decision to make — but still, some Harry Potter artifacts are ultimately superior to others.

Magical Items Could Make Our Lives Much Easier

Real estate is a migraine to deal with in the modern world, but a handful of things from the Harry Potter universe could solve it for us Muggles. If only we could get our hands on those fancy tents wizards used on the Quidditch Cup or on Newt Salamander’s suitcase, we’d never have to pay rent! What a magical thought, isn’t it?

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Transportation takes absolute ages, too, but it’s not a problem in the Wizarding World. Even if we’d never be able to learn the Apparition spell or Portus, getting our hands on a flying broom would be so worth it! You do you, but we’d skip those swift Firebolts and opt for Moody’s broom, too: the man knew how to stay comfortable.

Mrs. Weasley’s cleaning and tidying spells or Dumbledore’s ultimate version of Reparo that fixed Slughorn’s temporary house in an instant are not magical items, sadly — but a bag of holding like the one Hermione had would have at least made transporting all the things we have around our houses much easier…and sneakier.

With Magic, You Can Never Go Wrong! Kind Of

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No one truly understands how Time-Turners work, but if they can do one thing then it’s fixing out mistakes before they lead to something more dramatic. Or giving yourself a few extra hours of sleep… Yes, scratch the mistakes bit; we’d rather use the Wizarding World’s most powerful artifacts to give ourselves those extra naps.

But the ultimate flex would be to get a bottle of Felix Felicis, of course. All the most important decisions and occasions in your life could just become a breeze thanks to Liquid Luck, and it’s not an exaggeration: remember how easy Harry had it when high on Slughorn’s potion? Imagine if you could waltz through life that easily!

Some artifacts and magical items are clearly superior to others, and there’s no room for discussion here. Think, having an option to choose from all the things we just talked about and still picking a Remembrall: that would be such a Longbottom move.