Harry Potter: Real Reason Dementors Liked Harry So Much Will Surprise You

Harry Potter: Real Reason Dementors Liked Harry So Much Will Surprise You
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The Dementors didn’t just sense the second soul in Harry and think it was a “two for the price of one” offer: there was a more sinister reason for their special interest.


  • Harry Potter ’s body contained more than one soul, but that was only part of the reason why the Dementors were so interested in him.
  • Like other amortal creatures, the Dementors were known to ally with wizards who provided them with their core emotion — despair.
  • Having recognized Voldemort’s soul in Harry, the Dementors wanted to free the vessel so that the Horcrux could take over and ally with them again.

Ever since encountering them for the first time in The Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter has always been a special treato in the Dementors’ eyes. They might not have even had eyes, but that was well-compensated by their increased interest in Harry — and by Harry’s uniquely strong reaction to those Dark creatures’ presence.

But admittedly, many fans oversimplify the reasons for this peculiar interaction between Harry Potter and the Dementors, wrongly blaming it on Tom Riddle.

Some Amortal Magical Creatures Use Wizards

Creatures like Dementors, Poltergeists, Boggarts, and several others are considered amortal: they can’t die because they are not alive in the first place. They are manifested into reality and sustained in it by human emotions, and they are well aware of it — so when they get a chance, they use mortals in their own interests.

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We saw it when Peeves, the notorious Poltergeist how had never taken orders from anyone, saluted the Weasley twins, his fellow agents of chaos who did similar work to him; but more importantly, we saw it when the Dementors largely decided to serve first the Ministry, and then Lord Voldemort despite being humans’ natural enemies.

The Ministry gave the Dementors a constant supply of despair; Voldemort offered them more. In both these cases, the Dementors didn’t hurt their new “allies.”

Harry Wasn’t The Target Because Of His Two Souls

Dinner-wise, Harry Potter might have indeed interested the Dementors because of his body containing more than one soul. But seeing how the Dementors sensed those who could offer them what they were after, it’s also possible that they didn’t want to “borrow” both of Harry’s souls; instead, they wanted to take away only one.

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Lord Voldemort was buddy-buddy with these Dark creatures and they recognized him as the person who fed them the most despair. The Dementors could have easily recognized Tom Riddle’s soul in Harry’s body from the good old days and decided that if they were to free the vessel, so to speak, the Horcrux would take it over.

With Lord Voldemort back, they would have had their main supplier of despair back, and they would have no longer needed to be stuck at Azkaban under the Ministry’s control: while they had their fair share of despair there, it was nowhere near as much as they used to get under Voldemort’s reign during the First Wizarding War.