Harry Potter's Fate Was Predicted by Divination Prodigy Ron Weasley

Harry Potter's Fate Was Predicted by Divination Prodigy Ron Weasley
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Ronald Weasley had many unexplored talents, including his immaculate investigator skills, but few people realize Ron was also an extremely gifted seer in his own right.


  • During their first Divination lesson, Ron saw the hippo in the tea leaves, and their next class was Care of Magical Creatures with Hippogriffs.
  • The acorn Ron envisioned in Harry’s leaves meant “unexpected gold.” Later, Harry would win 1000 galleons and inherit the Blacks’ entire fortune.
  • From the bowler hat in the leaves, Ron deduced that Harry would work for the Ministry; after Voldemort’s fall, Harry would become an Auror.

When the Golden Trio studied at Hogwarts, the mysterious art of Divination was taught from the third year and forth. Despite not being exactly excited by Professor Trelawney and her subject, Harry and Ron decided to play along and make some predictions on their first class — and the latter absolutely nailed his prophecies.

Each prediction Ron Weasley made about his best friend’s fate turned out correct at one point or another. That’s right, everybody: not only was Ronald an outstanding detective but also an incredibly talented seer! Here’s what Ron predicted for Harry, what it meant, and how it manifested in the life of The Boy Who Lived.

Harry’s Next Hogwarts Lesson

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One of things Ron saw when reading the tea leaves was the hippo. Regardless of what the hippo actually means in Divination, Ron was almost on-point with his assessment. Like with many magical creatures, it was only missing its second half.

After their first Divination class, the Golden Trio had a Care of Magical Creatures lesson with Hagrid. The good old groundskeeper was nervous before his first class, so he chose a magnificent and intelligent beast to impress his student: a Hippogriff.

While not Ronald Weasley’s most impressive prediction, the hippo vision came to life almost immediately. But worry not: his next prophecies are much more elaborate!

Harry’s Future Financial Situation

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Another vision that came to the greatest ginger seer of all time in the tea leaves was the acorn. According to the textbook they were using, the acorn meant “a windful, unexpected gold,” and this time, Ron actually said the sign’s meaning out loud.

Of course, he was correct to do so! We expected nothing less from Ronald Weasley but still feel the need to point out his brilliance. Let’s see how this one manifested.

At the end of their fourth year at Hogwarts, Harry won the Triwizard Tournament and received 1000 galleons for it. No one really expected Harry to win the Tournament, himself included, so it was indeed a windful prize. But if you’re still skeptical, a year later, the truly unexpected gold happened upon Harry Potter when his godfather died and The Boy Who Lived inherited the Blacks’ entire fortune.

Harry’s Future Career Decision

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Finally, Ron saw the bowler hat. Without consulting the book, the young Divination prodigy associated the hat with Minister Fudge who wore such hats. That led Ronald to — correctly — assume that Harry Potter would work for the Ministry of Magic.

One hundred points to Gryffindor, because this prophecy also turned out true!

After defeating Lord Voldemort, both Harry and Ron decided to continue on their path of taking down Dark wizards. They would become Aurors, and Aurors, believe it or not, work for the Ministry of Magic, being its enforcers, soldiers, and policemen.

These three predictions aren’t Ron’s last in the series, but they are especially precious considering he made them during his first ever Divination class. This goes to show the true extent of Ronald Weasley’s talent as a seer, doesn’t it?