Harry Potter TV Show Just Received A Huge Promising Update

Harry Potter TV Show Just Received A Huge Promising Update
Image credit: Max, Warner Bros Television, Warner Bros. Pictures

Succession’s Francesca Gardiner can become the Creative Lead for Max’s new Harry Potter TV show, bringing her experience and star power to the table.


  • The development of Max’s new Harry Potter TV series is in its early stages.
  • According to Deadline, the platform has narrowed its search for Creative Lead down to three candidates.
  • One of them is Francesca Gardiner who worked on Succession, Killing Eve, and other hit shows.

For such a massive IP, Harry Potter has always been severely lacking official content, but Max is on its way to somewhat fix this issue. The streaming platform is in the early stages of developing a TV show based on the original books, and while many are unconvinced about the project’s future, the latest update gives us hope.

Harry Potter TV Show May Benefit From Succession’s Success

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The upcoming show is nowhere near production stages, but Max is actively looking for showrunners and crew members to work on it. According to Deadline, the streaming platform’s search for a Creative Lead has almost concluded as the massive roster of candidates was narrowed down to just three people.

Sources claim that Francesca Gardiner is one of the three finalists which is potentially great news for the new Harry Potter series. Gardiner worked on numerous massively successful shows like Succession, His Dark Materials, Killing Eve, The Man In The High Castle, and Rook, to name a few. Other two candidates are unknown, but Gardiner’s presence implies similar professional scale.

All Eyes Are On Max’s Harry Potter Show

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The cases of adaptations gone wrong in the past years don’t exactly inspire confidence in fans of the original series when it comes to the upcoming show: the Harry Potter franchise has only recently been wronged with the Fantastical Beasts trilogy, and several other big IPs also suffered from showrunners’ unfaithful approach.

Over the past decades, Harry Potter has maintained its status as one of the most popular fantasy franchises in the world, so millions of eyes are carefully watching Max as the platform embarked on a journey to make the second book adaptation. Fans can barely imagine the show rivaling the success of the original movies and don’t have high expectations, so there’s a lot of pressure on Max’s creative team.

Source: Deadline