Harry Potter Wizards Still Wore Old-Time Robes for Surprisingly Practical Reason

Harry Potter Wizards Still Wore Old-Time Robes for Surprisingly Practical Reason
Image credit: Warner Bros.

In the world of hoodies, jeans, and other modern clothes, why would wizards keep wearing those ancient robes? Well, they had a good reason for it — and a rather practical one.

The topic of “why wouldn’t wizards just…” has been around since the first Harry Potter book came out, and the more we were learning about the Wizarding World, the more questions were arising. Unlike most other issues in Harry Potter, this one doesn’t at least tend to cause large heated debates over and over, so that’s great.

However, most such questions are fairly reasonable. Why wouldn’t wizards use normal pens and paper? Why wouldn’t they use at the very least landline phones? Why wouldn’t they use electricity to make their lives easier? Why wouldn’t they switch from their weird ancient robes to modern and comfortable clothes?

Well, the last one has an answer that makes sense. And it’s practical!

Most people think that wizards don’t change their medieval fashion for anything else because of how much they value their traditions and way of life. We’re not going to argue with that, but in our eyes, there was an entirely different and more rational reason for that: being able to, well, continue being wizards. Remember their wands?

Trying to carry a magic wand in most modern clothes would be a nightmare. All wands vary greatly in their length and shape, and many of them just wouldn’t fit in pockets we have on our jeans. While male trousers have an occasional chance of fitting a 13-inch wand in their packers, female models with their tiny pockets are so not ready for that!

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Also, since Muggles have so many versions of their clothes, wizards would have to remember where they put their wands in each and every piece of clothing they have. It’s incredibly inconvenient even on a daily basis, and in case of danger, it could easily doom an unfortunate wizard. Quite a dumb way to go, isn’t it?

Don’t even start us on those waistbands — that’s how buttocks get lost!

So for practical reasons, it’s more convenient for wizards to wear robes since they always have deep and conveniently located pockets. After all, one can wear anything they like under those robes and still have access to their magic wand, and it’s the most crucial tool in a wizard’s life. We don’t think wearing a robe is a high price to pay for that.