'Harry's House' Hits Streaming Platforms, Drives Fans Insane

'Harry's House' Hits Streaming Platforms, Drives Fans Insane
Image credit: Legion-Media

Finally, Harry Styles has invited us in.

It's May 20, and everyone who has been propelling "Matilda" or "HARRYS" into Twitter trends for the past several weeks knows what that means. Yes, Harry Styles has opened the doors of his house for us and released his third solo album, 'Harry's House'.

Naturally, the release quickly dominated the streaming platforms, as it did with social media, with Styles' fans predictably going crazy.

The vibe of the album feels surprisingly diverse. 'Harry's House' seems to fit any life situation that you would be willing to sprinkle with a Harry Styles soundtrack.

Many fans have anointed the release as a "no-skip album", but there is a certain song that looks to be everyone's favorite. Harry's followers have been hyping about 'Matilda' long before they got to hear it, predicting it would break their hearts in a good way… and they got it right.

Apparently, Styles' fans have their own language consisting of Harry's song titles that just channel certain energy, and the minute you mention one of them, everyone seems to understand what you are talking about.

Styles' enviable solo career after the split-up of One Direction now boasts three successful albums and several tours. He certainly does not seem like he is going to stop, but the singer has already indicated that he is now at the point of his career when he can just explore his artistic sides without having to worry about commercial success.