Has There Been Any Sexual Content in 'The Rings of Power' So Far?

Has There Been Any Sexual Content in 'The Rings of Power' So Far?
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Concerned about the Lord of the Rings prequel potentially being way too similar to 'Game of Thrones'? We got you.

Ever since Amazon acquired the rights to adapting some parts of John R.R. Tolkien's 'The Lord of the Rings ' lore, fans have feared that the corporation was on a mission to turn the project into some kind of 'Game of Thrones ' parody.

The concerns were fueled by 2020 reports that claimed that 'The Rings of Power ' – Amazon's massive LoTR prequel – is going to feature some nudity and possibly even sex scenes. The news has set the Tolkien fandom on fire, with people readying to riot if Amazon ever dared to make something like that.

"I have absolutely zero problem with sexual content in any sort of media but that's just not the series Tolkien wrote. At all. I don't think this will make it worse but it's a pretty strong indicator that they're not interested in maintaining the spirit of his work." – @EIL_DanielJones

After waves of posts explaining why Middle-earth doesn't need nudity and sex, showrunners debunked the reports, assuring people that 'The Rings of Power' is going to be as family-friendly as it can possibly be. It was also declared that the creators will be faithful to Tolkien's books spirit.

As of now, it seems that the promise is being fulfilled: the first two episodes don't have any explicit sex scenes or even something remotely violent or gory. Even romantic couples – both the potential and the established ones – refrain from being overly passionate with each other on screen.

Still, many people continue to speculate that the show is going to include sexual content and thus immediately "degrade" the Tolkien universe to the level of 'Game of Thrones' – a show that is notorious for its gore, violence, and sex scenes.

But even the absence of nude content in 'The Rings of Power' appeared to have irritated some people. Unlike those threatening to boycott Amazon if 'The Rings of Power' features even a hint of nudity, the opposite camp argues that the show has missed several opportunities to show some natural and reasonable nudity.

In particular, people bring up the scene when Galadriel jumps ship to Valinor while wearing a nightgown and never loses it despite the clothes potentially making a long swim in the water even more difficult.

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Another example is how the mysterious meteor man who lands near the Harfoot settlement has some sort of an adult diaper, even though he literally just fell from the sky.

Both camps still have eight more episodes to follow – either to satisfy them completely or ruin their expectations. New episodes of 'The Rings of Power' arrive on Prime Video every Friday.