Hawkeye Star Endorses Gwen Stacy Joining Live-Action Spider-Verse

Hawkeye Star Endorses Gwen Stacy Joining Live-Action Spider-Verse
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As the popularity of the Spider-Verse series keeps increasing, Marvel's one and only half-Spider, half-archer wants to hop on the next live-action with Spider-Man.

If you don't know who Hailee Steinfeld is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pay attention as this is not as simple as "RDJ is the Iron Man."

Hailee plays two different roles simultaneously in two different Marvel projects, and she actually wants to join a third one… For a pretty funny reason, to be honest.

First, Hailee is playing Kate Bishop in the Hawkeye miniseries. Bishop has been training in archery since a very young age after Hawkeye saved her life during the Battle of New York when she was a kid.

What started as blind admiration for the hero turned into serious dedication which eventually led to Kate becoming Clint's protege.

Second, Hailee's voicing Gwen Stacy in Sony's animated Spider-Verse. She's the voice actor behind Gwen in both Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Across the Spider-Verse.

Steinfeld doesn't want to stop at just the animated movies though: she feels like her Gwen Stacy deserves to be in the next big-screen live-action, too.

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This is, of course, the third MCU project Hailee dreams of joining. Since it's virtually set that there won't be another Hawkeye season, Steinfeld could pick up a different character in the Marvel Universe — and she's already comfortable with her Gwen Stacy from the animated movies, so she'd love to reprise her role in a live-action.

Moving on with her career inside of the Marvel Universe is not the only motivation for Hailee, though.

As the actress shared with Josh Horowitz at his Happy Sad Confused podcast, she's not done with "collecting" all the Spider-Men. Steinfeld already knows Maguire, Garfield, and Moore but wants to work with Holland, too.

"I have not met Tom, but I'd like to. Maybe that hasn't happened for a reason… I'm just saying," teased the young actress.

Steinfeld is pretty serious about her desire to work on the next live-action Spider-Man and even told Horowitz that she'd feel "robbed" if she won't get a chance to have her Gwen Stacy interact with Holland's Peter Parker and Zendaya 's Michelle Jones.

We can only wish Hailee luck in pursuing her dreams — and maybe, we'll see her in the next entry!

Source: Happy Sad Confused