Henry Cavill Once Had a Bedroom Malfunction On-Set, Hates Sex Scenes Since Then

Henry Cavill Once Had a Bedroom Malfunction On-Set, Hates Sex Scenes Since Then
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What a boner! We mean, what a bummer…


  • The Tudors both empowered and traumatized Henry Cavill.
  • While filming a sex scene with his co-star on The Tudors, Cavill accidentally got a boner.
  • Since that incident, Cavill feels uncomfortable being naked on set.

Like many A-listers, Henry Cavill's journey to Hollywood stardom wasn't without its challenges, but his persistence and dedication eventually paid off. Before donning the iconic red cape as Superman in the DC Universe, Cavill's breakout role came in the form of Charles Brandon in the historical drama series The Tudors. Yet, even a character as celebrated as Superman himself is not immune to the occasional awkward and off-script moments.

After rising to fame as the Man of Steel, Cavill found himself entangled in the complicated world of on-screen intimacy, a side of his career he wasn't afraid to tackle before. While he may ooze charm and sex appeal, the actor has openly shared his discomfort with performing intimate scenes, and the catalyst for this loathing stems from an unforgettable incident on the set of The Tudors.

Created by Michael Hirst, this historical drama immerses viewers in the gripping story of the scandalous life of King Henry VIII, whose tumultuous affairs and relentless obsession with producing a male heir left an indelible mark on his marriage, the Church, and the world at large.

Brought up in Henry VII's court, Charles Brandon emerges as a favored figure in the young king's eyes. His journey takes him through various positions in the royal household, where he becomes a crucial figure in the unfolding drama, and his loyalty and charisma make him a confidant of the enigmatic Henry VIII.

Why You’ll Probably Never See Superman Undressed?

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While Cavill's role in The Tudors served as a stepping stone in his career, it also traumatized the actor on a certain level. In a revealing interview with Men's Fitness, Cavill opened up about one of the most embarrassing moments of his career. During one of the show's many intimate scenes, Cavill found himself in a rather unexpected position with his co-star after accidentally getting a boner.

Cavill admitted that there was a moment that proved to be quite humiliating for him when, in a certain scene, he didn't adjust himself properly before his co-star took a position on top of him. This unexpected situation led to a red-faced moment for Cavill, who then felt the need to express his sincere apologies to the entire crew.

This incident, a black mark in the Witcher star's stellar career, influenced Cavill's approach to future intimate scenes. The post-Tudors embarrassment served as a lesson, reminding the actor of the fine line between scripted fantasy and unpredictable reality.

Despite being hailed as one of the sexiest men in the industry, Cavill has openly expressed his discomfort with such scenes, emphasizing the awkwardness of baring it all in front of a crew. In his own words, the discomfort of getting naked in a room full of people is an experience that is far from sensual for him.

Even if it means that fans will never again have the opportunity to see their favorite actor in intimate scenes, Cavill's willingness to share these experiences adds authenticity to his Hollywood persona. It reminds us that even for Superman, navigating the complexities of fame can come with unexpected bumps in the road.

Source: Men’s Journal