Henry Cavill's Toughest Filming Was Not Superman But This $800M Movie

Henry Cavill's Toughest Filming Was Not Superman But This $800M Movie
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This movie's deadly stunts would scare many actors off, but Henry Cavill is not one of them.

Five years ago, the sixth film of the Mission: Impossible franchise was released, subtitled Fallout.

The filming process was tough – Tom Cruise broke his ankle while performing one of the tricks, and also because Cruise made a long jump from a height of 25,000 feet, which is more than 7,500 meters, which is a record for a movie.

However, this movie was a test not only for Tom Cruise, who was used to doing insane stunts, but also for Henry Cavill, who called it the most physically demanding of his career.

In an interview, Cavill talked about the toughest scene he ever worked on. That was, of course, the helicopter chase.

"It was so extremely cold, literally above the Southern Alps in winter, with the doors open on a helicopter. I'm sticking my face into the wind and firing blanks, with all sorts of stuff flying back at me, and just doing it over, and over, and over again," the actor said in his interview with Collider.

Even though Henry didn't even get a chance to rest in between takes, he admitted that it was worth it and that he would no doubt do the trick again.

But it was not even this deadly scene, but a fight in the toilet, where Cavill "reloads his arms", that received a great deal of popularity.

The movement became a meme that helped sell the movie, as well as the frills of Tom Cruise's stunts.

Henry Cavill explained that he actually "reloaded" his arms between takes because the tendons in his biceps were starting to hurt from too much repetition.

He did it once while shooting a scene. Christopher McQuarrie, the director, thought it was cool and asked Cavill to keep it up for the next few takes.

Henry Cavill's size made it difficult to shoot some scenes – the actor was asked to bend down, because no other actors were visible behind him.

As Alec Baldwin once revealed, in one episode he had to grab Cavill by the chest and throw him aside. That moment had to be removed from the movie: that's how big and heavy Cavill was.

No surprise that Cavill was exhausted by the end of the filming.

However, given the actor's desire to do more movies like this, fans are hoping to see Henry in another big-budget action movie soon.