Henry Cavill's Wig Master on The Witcher Was Obsessed With His Hair, and He Loved It

Henry Cavill's Wig Master on The Witcher Was Obsessed With His Hair, and He Loved It
Image credit: Netflix

Henry Cavill’s The Witcher wig master “was having nightmares about the wigs,” spending days and even nights working to make his gray hair look immaculate.

When we talk about the creation of a show or a TV series, we mostly speak about actors, directors, writers, and producers — the people who are, without a doubt, putting in hard work to make their project happen but are under the spotlight, too. The viewers forget how many others work on the set…unless they watch the credits.

But admittedly, sometimes, the people we typically don’t talk about — those dozens or even hundreds of behind-the-scenes professionals — put in even more work and end up doing more for the success of their projects.

Judging from where The Witcher is currently standing, it seems to be the case with this notorious Netflix show, too.

Despite the common opinion, the actors in The Witcher are not the only ones who carry the show against the showrunner and writers’ worst efforts. Henry Cavill himself praised his hair stylist — or wig master, as we call it — on several occasions.

“Jacqui Rathore, who does my hair, she was in charge of the wig… She didn’t get to build the wig and so she kind of adopted it. <...> Eventually I think she crushed it. So through the season you can tell, and you’re like, ‘That’s where it starts to look really good,’ and that’s after Jacqui had her hands on it for a while,” Cavill shared at 2021's WitcherCon.

The absolute brilliance that Geralt of Rivia’s hair came to be didn’t happen in an instant, though — and Rathore was spending sleepless nights working on the wig.

“[Jacqui] would take three of [my wigs] home every night and change individual hairs, and she’d send them back to get a lace change for finer lace so it’s less visible… I think she was having nightmares about the wigs, and I am enormously appreciative of her hard work,” the actor told Variety in a separate interview.

This alone goes to show that there have always been way more people hard at work behind the scenes than we typically discuss, and even while The Witcher’s fate was most likely sealed by the showrunner, we should appreciate the huge effort specialists like Jacqui Rathore put into it as much as we appreciate the actors’ part.

Sources: WitcherCon & Variety via YouTube