Here is The Most Underrated 'House of the Dragon' Character, According to Fans

Here is The Most Underrated 'House of the Dragon' Character, According to Fans
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Underrated by King Viserys himself, of course.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'House of the Dragon ' episode 3

It's quite hard to find characters in 'House of the Dragon' that are easy to love. Pretty much everyone is either too weak to handle the perks of being king (no, we are definitely not hinting at anyone here), way too cruel and petty, or has their own plans to pursue with the help of violence and intrigues.

However, there is one character that fans seem to praise now, and this character is Lyonel Strong – one of the participants of the king's court. Since the beginning of the show, he seemed to be the only person who cared about Viserys and tried to advise him in a helpful way, not in a way that would be useful for his own purposes – like, for example, Otto Hightower.

Lyonel was the one who tried to persuade the king not to marry Alicent out of love and rather find a less controversy-instigating wife. Viserys failed to listen, but Strong appears to not lose hope.

Fans praise Lord Strong as "the only voice of reason" in the show, and rally for him to become the king's Hand rather than Otto Hightower, who seems to only pursue power and personal gain with his seemingly reasonable advice.

Lord of Harrenhall and Master of Laws, Lyonel Strong sits on the king's Small Council, but his advice has been overshadowed by those of Otto's – something that has not yet resulted in anything good for King Viserys. The latter is being slammed by fans for being way too "weak" to handle the Iron Throne, while some people are comparing him with Robb Stark, who also doomed his family by marrying someone he loved, and not someone he was supposed to marry.

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