Here's a 'Spicy' Detail About 'Dune' Straight From Denis Villeneuve

Image credit: Legion-Media

‘Dune’, an action movie based on the eponymous book by Frank Herbert, was a huge success.

Even those who have never heard about the book were drawn to the cinemas: not to mention that it grabbed a handful of Oscars on March 27.

Here’s a little something that you might not know about how director Denis Villeneuve came up with the spice vision scenes for ‘Dune’.

Speaking to the Director's Guild ahead of the Oscars ceremony, Villenueve revealed that he based the scenes… on a ‘bad trip’ he had after eating a marijuana-infused banana cake.

“Strangely, when I mentioned the experience to Timothée, he got it,” the director added.

How very strange indeed.

The fans could not not drag Zendaya into this - after all, her part in ‘Euphoria’ just asks for it, doesn’t it? If you know, you know.

The producers might have enjoyed Villeneuve’s revelation… right?

‘Dune’ took the cinemas by storm in September 2021. Shortly after the huge commercial success, a sequel was greenlit by the studio, also to be directed by Villenueve. Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya, of course, will return as well.

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