Here's Everything You Need to Know About 'Avatar' Ahead of a Sequel

Here's Everything You Need to Know About 'Avatar' Ahead of a Sequel
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Let's take a look back at where it all began.

James Cameron 's 'Avatar ' became a revolutionary movie back in 2009: with never-before-seen visual effects and a simple yet working story, it took cinemas by storm and eventually became the highest-grossing movie of all time.

It's been over ten years since then, but initially the sequel was not supposed to take such a long time to be filmed. Cameron's plan was to roll it out back in 2014, but it is only in December 2022 that we'll finally get to see 'Avatar: The Way of Water '.

But before that, it would be nice to recall the events of the first movie.

'Avatar' takes place on another planet, called Pandora, inhabited by tall blue creatures with tails that look pretty much like they originated from cats, who called themselves Na'Vi. When humans arrived on Pandora looking for a mineral called unobtanium, they used artificially created bodies of Na'Vi to try and get in contact.

At some point, humans came up with the idea of infiltrating one of the Na'Vi tribes using a soldier, so that he would find out more information about a large tree that serves as the natives' home – but also happens to stand right in the middle of a large unobtanium deposit.

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The soldier who got that honor was Jake Sully. But what started off as a mission to gather intel about a tree and make the natives flee the area so that humans could dig into that unobtanium deposit, evolved into Sully actually becoming a part of the tribe and growing to sympathize with the natives more than with humans.

Despite his efforts to smooth out the simmering tension between humans and Na'Vi, Jake ended up taking a side of the latter. In the tribe, he found love and a life that he clearly could not have on Earth, given that he was bound to a wheelchair as a human.

The first movie ended with Jake transferring his mind into the body of his avatar forever, with the help of the Tree of Souls.

Both Jake and his love interest, Neytiri, are set to appear in the sequel, titled 'The Way of Water'. Judging by the title and the trailer, Cameron is set to dive in – quite literally – into the underwater world of Pandora, potentially exploring many more breath-taking sceneries and introducing new fantastic animals.

While the visuals are predictably amazing, the story behind it is yet to be unveiled. When it comes to the first movie, a lot of people criticized the writing, claiming that the story could have been more compelling, but it does not look like the box office was too affected by tweaks in the script.

Currently, 'The Way of Water' is scheduled to premiere on December 16, 2022. Cameron has no intention of wrapping up the world's most expensive movie franchise any time soon, with three more movies being announced for years to come, up until 2028.