Here's How Caraxes Got That Distinctive Roar, According to 'House of the Dragon' Sound Designer

Here's How Caraxes Got That Distinctive Roar, According to 'House of the Dragon' Sound Designer
Image credit: Legion-Media

It turns out there is a history behind Caraxes' signature roaring.

As soon as 'House of the Dragons' fans heard Caraxes' roar for the first time, they knew that this dragon is not here to play games. His roar was immediately deemed to be the best thing about 'House of the Dragons', as it sounded exactly like something produced by a snake-like dragon that Caraxes is.

The sound designer behind the show, Joanna Robinson, has delved further into the making of Caraxes' distinctive roar. In the podcast by The Ringer-Verse, 'House of R', Robinson revealed just why Caraxes sounds like that.

"He's the dragon that no one loves, and he has a deviated septum. And my expansion was that he's a bullying white boy who thinks he can rap and overcompensates for his deviated septum," the sound designer explained.

First of all, fans were heartbroken to hear the "dragon that no one loves" part – mostly because of the fact that Caraxes is bathing in fan love from episode 1, just like any other dragon in the show. However, Daemon Targaryen does not seem to be an overly-caring dragon-rider indeed, so it's understandable why Caraxes tries to "overcompensate".

Secondly, his deviated septum does not seem to make fans love him less; in fact, his snake-like looks are something that gives Caraxes additional charisma and intimidation. He is easily distinguished from other dragons due to his shape and color.

"I love how they really fleshed out these Dragons & they're anatomy & things like this. They've made them characters in & of themselves, can't wait to get some Wild Dragon action & see them in their natural habitat on Dragonstone," Twitter user CJeremy33 said.

So no need to overcompensate, Caraxes, we love you just the way you are. And who knows, maybe he should sing that rap song to Syrax again – what if she also loves him the way he is?..