Here's How Deadpool 3 Can Pull Off That Wolverine Comeback after Logan

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With the guy who killed the Marvel Universe at least twice everything is possible, but still.

After initial announcement that told us precisely nothing – well, aside from the fact that Hugh Jackman is indeed in Deadpool 3, Ryan Reynolds went and posted another video on his YouTube channel, this time actually being joined by Hugh Jackman with the sincerest intention to answer every question about "how", "why", and "when" fans might have. Well, at least we thought so for a minute there. But, Ryan and Hugh being Ryan and Hugh, the video got us absolutely nowhere after all. So we've decided to take this matter into our own hands and at least try to figure out how exactly Wolverine can return to Deadpool 3 after the events of Logan, in which Hugh Jackman's character sort of died for good.

Two things we know for sure after the second announcement video. First, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman dork energy is still as funny as ever, and second – Deadpool 3, at least if we are to believe a word Ryan says, completely disregards the events of Logan. Well, not disregards per se, just ignores, because it totally can.

"Logan takes place in 2029, it's a totally separate thing, Logan died in Logan, not touching that," Reynolds said.

Now that the actor himself established that Logan is still canon and Jackman's Wolverine is still very dead in 2029, we have two completely different possibilities here.

The first one is that Hugh Jackman is only in it for a quick cameo thing. Basically it's Hugh Jackman doing Brad Pitt, who famously appeared as Vanisher in Deadpool 2 just for a couple of seconds, having been paid exactly one cup of coffee for his troubles. Call it a personal favor or a continuation of never-ending Reynolds & Jackman fake feud, the result is still going to be awesome either way.

The second possibility is even better: Jackman's there for the whole movie, and that means we'll get to see Wolverine, Deadpool and Cable (no way they are going to leave Josh Brolin's badassery out of this) operate together on the big screen.

It's not like Reynolds is known for adapting comics frame by frame: more often than not it feels like the guy does borrow some bits and pieces from Marvel comics canon and then just wings it; it worked beautifully so far and there's no reason to think that the approach will be different in Deadpool 3. There's a lot to borrow from the comics, with Deadpool and Wolverine tense friendship going years back in Marvel universe. However, if seems that Reynolds did leave us a hint in his announcement video.

In this frame Reynolds is seen reading Wolverine #21 (the fact confirmed by Benjamin Percy himself). It is one of many examples of Deadpool and Wolverine working together, however reluctantly – or, more precisely, kicking some Robot X-Men asses in this particular case. It's not all that likely that we'll get Robot X-Men in Deadpool 3, but Deadpool and Wolverine kick some ass together as a team? Not that's pretty much a given.

Taking away from the impact of Logan

Right after the news about Jackman returning to play Wolverine in Deadpool 3 popped up, fans began complaining about it (as it always is), with the biggest point of their misery being Wolverine's demise in Logan. The film was, indeed, considered as a perfect farewell for the Jackman's version of iconic Marvel superhero, and ruining it just for the sake of nostalgia… Well, let's just say, fans were not happy about it.

However, now that we know that Deadpool 3's "not touching that," it actually begs the question: what if Jackman's Wolverine in the movie is going to be one of the many, many variants? Thanks to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness we now can safely assume that pretty much everything is possible (including Patrick Stewart returning as Professor Xavier variant and promptly dying by Wanda's hand). Just imagine how many jokes Deadpool can cook up about Jackman's Wolverine being from another universe.

"The Deadpool Universe (Deadpool 1 + 2) seems to be its own universe/timeline.

Colossus is complete different from the one previous version (who we saw in the happy DoFP future when Logan woke up).

And (while primary a 4th wall joke), the prequel cast (MacVoy, Holy,Shipp,etc) were playing the X-Men in the Deadpool 2 present.

So Hugh will be playing the "Deadpool Wolverine" who is not the version in the previous films that concludes with Logan." – u/Egonheart123

Passing the torch

While Jackman returning once again to portray Wolverine is certainly one of the greatest things that happened to the MCU in recent years, don't get your hopes up. It's highly unlikely the actor is going to stay in the MCU for long; most fans are already bracing themselves for the inevitable Wolverine recasting. Moreover, there's a chance Disney considers Deadpool 3 as the perfect opportunity to introduce the new actor with Jackman "officially" passing the torch.

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