Here's How Noah Schnapp "Saved" Stranger Things S4 Byler Van Scene

Here's How Noah Schnapp
Image credit: Netflix

You already knew that kid was talented, but after seeing a snippet of the van scene's script you'll be rallying to get Noah an Emmy.

'Stranger Things ' season 4 was full of emotional and heartbreaking moments, but that van scene with Will seemingly confessing his feelings for his best friend Mike ended up in pretty much everyone's top 3. Thanks to the show's writers who relentlessly share priceless snippets of information on Twitter we know can have a sneak peek at how the scene in question was written. And, well, judging by the script, it was Noah Schnapp 's superb acting that made that scene much more gut-wrenching.

In the script, posted on 'Stranger Things' writers' room Twitter, by the end of that agonizing conversation with his best friend, Will turns away to fade to "melancholy", and that's right there is the biggest difference between the script and the scene itself. As you well remember, in the series instead of just turning away, Noah Schnapp chose to give an Oscar-worthy performance, with Will crying his heart out and all the fans crying right there with him.

There is no question that it was Noah Schnapp's acting that made Byler van scene that much more painful and emotionally wrecking, and fans, whatever problems they have with the script itself, agree at least on this one thing. With, if we're being completely honest, not a great deal of actual material the young actor managed to literally "squeeze water from the stone", as one of the fans on Reddit put it. Now 'Stranger Things' fans are wondering why the Duffer brothers are so reluctant to use Schnapp's undeniable talent even more.

"I really don't get why they've sidelined him so hard since season 3 started. The actor might be the best kid on the show, and his character has so much to him and interest possibilities." – /Dintodo

Work on 'Stranger Things' season 5 script is underway, but it's still at least a year until the series fans will get to see the final chapter.