Here's How Sony's 'Kraven The Hunter' Will Be Different From All Other Marvel Films

Here's How Sony's 'Kraven The Hunter' Will Be Different From All Other Marvel Films
Image credit: Legion-Media

Aaron Taylor-Johnson has just detailed his time on set of the upcoming blockbuster, and it looks like the finished film will be something new to the entire superhero genre.

The Sonyverse is going through a bad time right now, especially in light of the fact that 'Morbius ' turned out to be such a disaster, so it looks like the studio is choosing a different approach for the upcoming 'Kraven the Hunter' project. Directed by JC Chandor, with Taylor-Johnson as the titular hunter, the film was believed to be just another uninspired Sony's attempt to capitalize on the success of the MCU, but that assumption may be debunked with the release of the first trailer.

The thing is, as Taylor-Johnson recently revealed during his panel at the CineEurope conference in Barcelona, the upcoming film was shot entirely without green screens and with little CGI, and the principal photography was done entirely on location.

Fans are obviously more than excited to see a comic book movie adaptation without green screens, expecting something grand from 'Kraven'.

"I actually have hope for Kraven, the actor is great. I bet it's gonna be kinda like Venom. Really badly written but Tom Hardy makes the movie actually enjoyable to watch. Plus I'm a suck for on-location scenes, so hopefully that will be refreshing to not have any giant cgi blue screen sets used," – /willow_duffy.

Nevertheless, some are still reeling from the 'Morbius' disaster, offering some interesting ideas on how to make the Sonyverse distinct and actually appealing to the wider audience.

"They should approach more of them in a more horror perspective. A Sandman horror story where a character is running and then unknowingly goes on a sandy beach would be pretty cool, for example," – /Hearderofnerf.

'Kraven the Hunter' will arrive to the big screen on January 13, 2023.