Here's The List of 15 TV Shows Netflix Cancelled in 2023

Here's The List of 15 TV Shows Netflix Cancelled in 2023
Image credit: Netflix

2023 is now officially the year of disappointment.


  • Netflix never changes — 2023 once again saw a number of shows announced for cancellation.
  • While some of the shows on the list weren't the highest-rated, others were incredibly high-profile.
  • The reason is both Netflix's business model and Hollywood labor disputes.

Unfortunately, 2023 was no exception for Netflix. We all know a peculiarity that distinguishes it from many other streaming services — for all the time of its existence, Netflix has become notorious for canceling all kinds of shows, both less popular ones and ones that managed to become hits.

Just as viewers begin to focus on a particular story, just as the fanbase begins to grow, the disappointing news comes that the show is being axed after only a season or two.

Of course, some fandoms manage to resurrect their favorite franchises through all the blood, sweat, and tears. Such was the case with Sense8, whose fans were able to get a two-hour wrap-up special, or Warrior Nun, whose online campaign, with the support of showrunner Simon Barry and his writing staff, allowed the TV franchise to live on in the form of the three concluding feature films (whose future, however, is still unknown).

But the same probably can't be said for the fifteen TV shows that were canceled in 2023. Well, only time will tell, but for now, let's take a look at those Netflix shows that won't be getting a renewal.

15. 1899

14. Mindhunter

13. Inside Job

12. Uncoupled

11. Sex/Life

10. Freeridge

9. Bling Empire

8. Bling Empire: New York

7. Lockwood & Co

6. Wellmania

5. Captain Fall

4. Farzar

3. Glamorous

2. Agent Elvis

1. Shadow and Bone

Netflix Abandons Too Many Popular IPs

As if it wasn't enough that the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes brought the entire television and film industry to a halt in 2023 (not to belittle the worthy cause that writers and actors fought for for months), Netflix unfortunately decided to ruin the year even more.

Netflix usually cancels one or two popular franchises a year, but in 2023, it canceled several at once. Probably the most high-profile cancellation was 1899, a German mystical sci-fi drama from the creators of the acclaimed hit Dark. Another glaring example was Inside Job, an animated series from the creators of Gravity Falls and BoJack Horseman. Even though the show has a loyal fanbase, it probably turned out to be more niche in Netflix's eyes.

November 15 was a dark day for fans as Netflix announced the cancellation of five more shows: Shadow and Bone, Glamorous, Agent Elvis, Farzar, and Captain Fall. Of the entire list, the first, a high-profile adaptation of the works of Leigh Bardugo, stands out.

Just like Mindhunter. Created by Joe Penhall and produced by David Fincher, this is a series about the FBI's early use of criminal profiling, an investigative method based on behavioral psychology. Technically, this psychological thriller was canceled back in 2020, when Netflix stated that Fincher decided to focus on other projects. However, the latter only confirmed the show's cancellation in February this year, stating that the reason was not only his focus on other collaborations with Netflix (including the recently released The Killer), but also the service's unwillingness to continue sponsoring the project.

Why Popular Shows are Being Canceled

While these decisions are rather cynical and disheartening, Netflix has a number of reasons for making them. First, the streaming service emphasizes the completion rate of its shows when unique users watch them through the end. This is a questionable metric, given the number of accounts a single user may have, or simply an unwillingness to watch the credits. But hey, you do you, Netflix.

Second, the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. The service suffered huge losses, production and release schedules were seriously disrupted, new financial models had to be implemented, and writers and actors had to be paid higher wages and residuals! So if an IP fell even slightly short of the streamer's inflated standards, Netflix immediately canceled it. Unfortunately, in the coming weeks we may learn of more shows that are getting the axe.