Here's What's Wrong With 'The Rings of Power' First Episodes

Here's What's Wrong With 'The Rings of Power' First Episodes
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The controversial show is now making some noise on social media.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power '

September 2 finally came with the long-anticipated premiere of 'The Rings of Power' — Amazon's massive LoTR endeavour that drew a lot of love and hate simultaneously.

A lot of people were genuinely happy to return to Middle-earth no matter how far away from the source material 'The Rings of Power' might be. After all, it's escapism we're talking about, not a meticulously accurate research into the worlds of John R.R. Tolkien.

But for some fans, it is: a lot of them continue to lambast the show on social media, claiming that it failed to properly pay respect to the source material, opting for "forced diversity" and relying heavily on CGI instead.

However, there are also people who care less about the Tolkien-accurate authenticity and more about the actual story and whether it works on screen. Pretty much everyone acknowledged that two things are indisputably amazing in the show: the visuals and the music. Still, when it comes to the story itself, some issues emerge.

"For me the visuals, soundtrack and the world are very good. But the rest – characters, acting, dialogues are a snooze fest," one fan noted on Reddit.

There is also an issue with how some of the characters look. Many fans noted that short hair on male elves is "simply ugly" — traditionally, the LoTR lore suggested that elves would always rock a long-hair look. Besides, some fans don't understand why hobbits are "such dirty nomadic creatures", arguing that it "makes no sense". After all, all we know about hobbits makes us think of a cozy home and warm food.

And when it comes to Galadriel...

"Someone please remove that pink blush off Galadriels cheeks, it looks far from ethereal, looks like cheap caky makeup," another fan on Reddit lamented.

Morfydd Clark 's character is also drawing a lot of complaints from fans, who are not okay with Galadriel being a fierce and capable warrior rather than cold and elegant Elven queen. Also, people took issue with the way some of the dialogues are written and delivered, arguing that the lines are sometimes cheesy and not believable.

Still, the visuals and the world-building appear to satisfy even the fiercest critics of the show. With six more episodes to come, 'The Rings of Power' is surely not going anywhere from Reddit and Twitter threads.

The show is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving every Friday through October.