Here's Who Was the Worst Harry Potter Character, According to Reddit

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Sure, there are several truly evil people in the Harry Potter universe, some of whom are so awful that no fan would want to be seen supporting.

In general, the plot of the Harry Potter series centers on the conflict between good and evil, which is exemplified by the unending conflict between Harry and Voldemort. People in the Harry Potter world are obviously wicked for every morally decent witch or wizard. After all, Voldemort is in charge of a huge army of Death Eaters. It doesn't matter whether their allegiance to the evil side is motivated by fear; they still make that decision.

Because the narrative is portrayed from Harry's point of view, viewers are urged to back the "light," which symbolizes good. As a result, fans tend to despise the wicked characters, although not all of the less likable ones are evil. It's also worth mentioning that not all bad characters are witches or wizards, and that evil may take various forms.

The Reddit community is made up of the nerdiest slice of the world's population. Here are the worst characters according to Reddit:

1. Umbridge

She is the epitome of wickedness. Despite his reservations, Fudge never attempted to endanger Harry's life. Umbridge, on the other hand, sought to have a Dementor kiss Harry. Along with ruining his academic career, she also stripped him of his Quidditch team captaincy and forced him to use his own blood when writing. She also tried to force Harry to confess by casting the Cruciatus Curse on him. She was, in actuality, the muggle- and MoM-daughter, janitor's despite her pretense to be pureblood. Do you know why? Because her brothers and sisters were squibs.

2. Gilderoy Lockhart

The ultimate deceptor. Gilderoy was intelligent, without a question, but immensely conceited, selfish, and timid. He was completely ineffective as a professor, misapplied his skills, and annoyed every other member of the Hogwarts faculty to the point where they all wished he had never been born. He also sought to kill or erase the memories of three under-13 youngsters for selfish reasons. How low can you stoop?

3. Cornelius Fudge

One of the most cowardly Ministers for Magic was Cornelius Fudge. At first, he followed every piece of advice given by Dumbledore and showed the Boy Who Lived a lot of kindness. However, fearing the people's uproar upon learning of Voldemort's reappearance, he launched a smear campaign against anybody who backed Dumbledore's allegations of Voldemort's reappearance. After personally seeing Lord Voldemort's reappearance, Cornelius finally came to terms with reality. He resigned because of this.

4. Peter Pettigrew

One of the stupidest and most cowardly Death Eaters. He was a Marauder who turned his closest friends over to Lord Voldemort, resulting in their deaths and the orphanage of their only child. Pettigrew used a potent spell to kill 13 muggles, accuse Sirius Black, and turn into a rat after chopping off his own finger when Lord Voldemort was wounded by the rebounding Killing curse.

Due to his dread of the Death Eaters, he spent the following 13 years as a rat named Scabbers as the pet of the third and sixth Weasley kids, Percy and Ronald, after Voldemort was brought to justice as a result of learning Pettigrew's revelations.

He was also as responsible as Voldemort for the death of the innocent Cedric Diggory. After sacrificing his own hand to resurrect Voldemort, he was granted a silver hand. When he showed Harry Potter mercy, he was killed by it. Justice was definitely served!

5. Marietta Edgecombe

Her best buddy Cho Chang forced her to join Dumbledore's Army. Despite having signed the Dumbledore's Army parchment, she continued to inform Cornelius Fudge and Dolores Umbridge about them, which set off Hermione's jinx and caused the word "SNEAK" to appear on her face as boils and pimples.

6. Lucius Malfoy

Absolute trash of a person who considered other beings as inferior to himself because of his 'Pureblood' position and money. In addition, he was an unworthy and unfaithful liar. Bellatrix wasn't perfect, yet despite all her flaws, she was never unfaithful.

He was also prepared to deceive and sacrifice others for selfish gain. His animosity for Arthur Weasley and his support for Muggle rights regularly made Arthur angry and wounded.

Aside from the kidnapping and soul-draining of Ginny Weasley and the happily avoided reappearance of Lord Voldemort, he also placed his master's journal into an unknowing Ginny Weasley's cauldron, petrifying four pupils of muggle descent, a ghost, and a cat.

7. Rita Skeeter

Rita Skeeter was an unauthorized animagus with a beetle shape who was "enchantingly nasty," according to Dumbledore. She was the most excellent storyteller and truth twister. She tarnished the names of numerous people, including Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Rubeus Hagrid using her influence with the press and her devoted fan base.

Additionally, she worked closely with the Slytherin group at Hogwarts to defame the aforementioned and wrecked havoc on Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid, and Hermione Granger's social life.

She didn't stop until Ginny Weasley delivered her a well-deserved and well-timed jinx to the solar plexus for defaming the names of the principal members of Dumbledore's Army and their offspring, particularly Ginny, her brother Ronald, sister-in-law Hermione, and her nieces, nephews, acquaintances, kids, and Teddy Lupin, who was her godson.

8. Fenrir Greyback

Fenrir Greyback, a notorious cannibal and werewolf leader, served as Voldemort's go-to man among the wolves. He capitalized on the history of the hostility between wizards and werewolves to bring the werewolves around to Voldemort's cause. Consequently, he was designated as an honorary Death Eater. He was infamous for using his lycanthropy on certain individuals, including Bill Weasley, Lavender Brown, Remus Lupin, and Lavender Brown herself.

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