Here's Why 'Avatar 2' Showcase At CinemaCon Will Be Groundbreaking And Not To Be Missed

Here's Why 'Avatar 2' Showcase At CinemaCon Will Be Groundbreaking And Not To Be Missed
Image credit: Legion-Media

James Cameron is once again preparing to create a revolution in cinema.

It's hard to imagine that almost 13 years have passed since James Cameron 's blockbuster 'Avatar ' was released to rave reviews from audiences and critics alike, but at least this December the long wait for the sequel will be over. And it looks like Cameron is preparing some juicy surprise for the fans of Pandora around the world.

It was recently revealed that 'Avatar 2' will be showcased at the ongoing CinemaCon 2022, and new details suggest that it will be unlike anything you've ever seen before. According to John Fithian, president and CEO of the National Association of Theater Owners, Cameron is going to show his upcoming film in more formats than any movie before, including 3D and 4k with 48 frames per second.

"He is working very closely with our members around the world to show his movie in the best possible way," Fithian revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Looks like Cameron is pretty serious about crafting a new kind of cinema experience for viewers around the world, and CinemaCon attendees may be the first to enjoy it. According to THR, the Colosseum theatre where CinemaCon is held is equipped with some state-of-the-art technology, including "premium 4K, high dynamic range, high frame rate and 3D capable laser-based projection system."

Let's hope that Cameron is really going to unveil his long-awaited next installment of the 'Avatar' saga at CinemaCon tonight, effectively changing the world of cinema as we knew it.

'Avatar 2' is set to break all existing box-office records on December 16, 2022.