Here's Why Dwarves Are The Best Part of 'The Rings of Power'

Here's Why Dwarves Are The Best Part of 'The Rings of Power'
Image credit: Prime Video

Forget elves and hobbits for a second here.

You might be seeing a lot of Internet wars over the portrayal of Galadriel in 'The Rings of Power ', or over how accurate it is for Middle-earth to have Black creatures, but there is one thing that a lot of people agree on: the dwarves in Amazon's show are just amazing.

While not turning them into a joke, 'The Rings of Power' manages to present us with powerful and humorous creatures who are also incredibly charismatic. Because if you think about it, all we want to do now is to invoke the right of Sigin-tarâg and maybe get dinner at Durin's place just like Elrond did.

Some people even think that dwarves are better than elves: while the latter spend their time being petty and somewhat snobbish, dwarves are having fun, doing what they love and, might we say, absolutely killing it when it comes to interior decoration.

"One thing I loved in The Rings of Power: the scene where it was explained how dwarves sing/talk to the mountains and they talk back. It really had a cool “they aren’t just miners but rock druids” feel to it." - @MoseyDm

In 'The Rings of Power', we got to know two dwarves better: Durin, Elrond's tetchy but nice friend, and Disa, his wife. Both are incredibly lovable and down-to-earth, even though Durin really has some issues with Elrond who failed to attend his wedding and congratulate him on the birth of his two children.

However, Elrond manages to melt the heart of Durin, even though he only visited him when he had a deal to offer. Elves, right?

It looks like 'The Rings of Power' fans are on board with the idea of the show focusing more on the dwarves.

"Rings of Power? Exceptionally good. Cried everytime a dwarf was on screen. 10/10 as long as it continues to have dwarves in every episode." - @YeehawScout

Dwarves seem to be the only creatures who brought something "alive" to the show where all characters seem to be overly powerful, especially the aforementioned elves.

"The first two episodes of THE RINGS OF POWER feel like… completely different shows, largely because the first episode is populated entirely by icy characters controlling everything they say and feel, and the Dwarves are the first actors who bring a single spark of warmth to it." - @ConroyForReal

With eight more episodes to arrive, we are surely yet to see more of the bearded creatures. 'The Rings of Power' is streaming on Prime Video, with new episodes arriving every Friday.