Here's Why Everyone Is Surprised That SEVENTEEN'S Wonwoo Even Became a K-pop Idol

Here's Why Everyone Is Surprised That SEVENTEEN'S Wonwoo Even Became a K-pop Idol
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This artist has a vibe of "all the reasons why it shouldn't have worked but it did".

Everyone knows that in order to debut as a K-pop idol, you have to undergo a long period of strict training, but before that you have to get lucky at auditions or get scouted on the streets. Either way, insane visuals or significant talent are needed; thousands of young girls and boys try and fail every year.

That's why it is very surprising to hear that someone was able to become a celebrity without any serious intentions to do so or by pure chance.

One of these unusual stories can be shared about a member of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN. Korean rapper Jeon Wonwoo didn't initially pursue an idol career. Turns out, he was going to enroll in a music school because he wanted to learn how to play guitar, but coincidentally that was the place where PLEDIS Entertainment held an audition for potential idols. The agency representatives happened to see Wonwoo there and invited him to participate in their audition. Wonwoo decided it would be fun to try – however, he actually managed to pass, and after training he debuted as a K-pop idol.

It surely wasn't just sheer luck, because being a popular artist requires a huge amount of various skills, from dancing and rapping to presenting oneself in public and ability to entertain viewers in any variety program. However, fans have found a few other sides of Wonwoo that usually make a celebrity's life way more complicated.

For example, Wonwoo is a very introverted person. In one of the 'GOING SEVENTEEN's episodes, the group invited Dr. Song Hyungseok to conduct a personality analysis for all thirteen members. The doctor found out that all Seventeen's members have very distinct personalities, and when it came to Wonwoo, he pointed out the details of his personality with surprising accuracy.

Dr. Song Hyungseouk said people could perceive Wonwoo as timid and cold; the artist also sometimes exhibited selfish traits, to the point when he wouldn't want to share snacks with other members (according to their own words). Wonwoo himself joked that the analysis was too accurate. He was also described as someone who was too introverted. Seventeen's members agreed, saying that it was never easy for Wonwoo to make friends with other people. Wonwoo confirmed it, being pleased with the detailed description that suited him perfectly.

He naturally prefers to be more isolated, quiet and has troubles with communication, which is extremely important in the entertainment industry. The fans found it hilarious when after such an unusual and rather harsh analysis Dr. Song Hyungseok suddenly asked Wonwoo why he even became an idol.

Seungkwan: He (Wonwoo) has the least amount of friends and he makes them the slowest.

Dr. Song: "I would like to ask, I'm curious why did he even choose this job then?"

Seungkwan: "He's too handsome not to be (an idol)."

We couldn't argue with that! Luckily for us all, that one random day Wonwoo decided to participate in a fateful audition.

Although, there is another thing that surely makes his life as a K-pop celebrity much harder. Turns out, he has miopia, which means a really poor eyesight. It seems like Wonwoo isn't comfortable with wearing contact lenses as well, therefore he's stuck with adding glasses to most of his outfits.

The artist himself has confessed that his eyesight is so bad that he can't even see individual faces of Carats (Seventeen's fans) sitting in the front row. However, the fandom was even more impressed, thinking about how the artist constantly has to perform complex choreo that requires a lot of synchronization with other group members – all of that while barely seeing anything.

Indeed, all of the above mentioned reasons make us respect Jeon Wonwoo even more. K-pop industry is hardcore enough, but he manages to shine with a lot of hard work… and maybe a little bit of luck.