Here's Why Fans Are So in Love With 'I Am Groot'

Image credit: Disney+

They just had enough suffering.

On Wednesday, Disney Plus welcomed the series of shorts dedicated to one of the most lovable characters in the MCU – the young Groot who only uses one phrase to conquer everyone's hearts.

He seems to be absolutely successful in that. Despite the episodes actually being short – we're talking trailer-length episodes here, seriously – fans seem to be head over heels in love.

Why? Well, the show is stuffed with Groot simply being lovely, drawing pictures, going through growing up… and, of course, saying "I am Groot". That's it, that's the recipe of success.

It would seem that Marvel fans have been so overwhelmed with drama and tension recently that they are ready to just sit back and watch Groot taking a bath or engaging in yet another argument with Rocket – simply for the sake of it.

However, some fans have joked that sometimes, the shorts just needed somebody like Wong to show up, drop a dramatic line like "The Multiverse is in danger!" and disappear.

Still, even when one enjoys a light-hearted short series about a small tree, some Marvel fans find a way to make it dramatic and heart-wrenching.

'I Am Groot' is currently streaming on Disney Plus, consisting of five shorts, with five more currently being in development.

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