Here's Why It's Taking Netflix So Long to Renew 'The Sandman'

Here's Why It's Taking Netflix So Long to Renew 'The Sandman'
Image credit: Netflix

Just when will we get the news we are all waiting for? According to Neil Gaiman himself, it's now that simple.

The first season of 'The Sandman ' has been quite a success, sitting in Netflix 's global top 10 for more than six weeks. Fans have also applauded the adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's iconic graphic novel, now biting their nails while expecting a season 2 announcement.

But this very announcement just wouldn't come. At this point, many fans are concerned that such a long wait could mean that things are over for 'The Sandman'. Luckily enough, the series author is pretty open when it comes to communication with his fandom.

"The data harvesting has only just finished – and is complicated by a lot of people not binge-watching it, but spreading it out, letting episodes sink in before watching the next," Gaiman explained on Twitter, responding to one of the concerned fans. "Telling [Netflix] to hurry up won't make decisions happen faster."

However, Gaiman's explanation did not sit well with fans. Many people think that Netflix seems to be having second thoughts about 'The Sandman', and this is the actual reason why the renewal news is not coming.

"I've been a fan for 3 decades and IMO the reason people are in a hurry to hear about a renewal is actually more about fear that it won't be renewed. So many of us have waited for so long to see Sandman brought to the screen that there's genuine fear that we might only get this one season and nothing more." – /hlycia

For fans, some of whom have been waiting for 'The Sandman' to finally take the small screen by storm literally for decades, Netflix deciding against season 2 renewal would be "absolutely gutting."

Meanwhile, according to Gaiman, pretty much everything for season 2 is ready, including the script. The only thing needed for the crew to start working is a green light from Netflix.

'The Sandman' Ratings Left Fans Worried About Season 2 Renewal

The network, however, remains tight-lipped about 'The Sandman's future, even though Warner Bros. TV did tweet a cryptic post about the show earlier in the week, prompting fans to think that the season 2 announcement is actually about to arrive. Gaiman also reacted to the tweet, shooting down the hopes and telling everyone that this was not a coded message about the renewal.