'The Sandman' Ratings Left Fans Worried About Season 2 Renewal

'The Sandman' Ratings Left Fans Worried About Season 2 Renewal
Image credit: Netflix

Despite 'The Sandman' spending six weeks in Netflix's Top 10 globally, the platform remains mum about the project's future.

Neil Gaiman 's Netflix adaptation of 'Sandman' has certainly garnered tremendous success, but with the arrival of new big shows like 'House of the Dragon ' and 'The Rings of Power ', it might be tougher for it to stay popular among viewers.

As Netflix is yet to break silence on 'The Sandman 's potential renewal, fans are getting increasingly worried about whether the show is getting a green light at all. With the mounting pressure from other series, 'The Sandman' has already slipped to just second place in TV Time's rating of the most followed shows.

Neil Gaiman: 'The Sandman' Season 2 Script is Ready, Only Needs Netflix's Green Light

However, it still manages to stay ahead of 'The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power', even though the show is riding the wave of hype and already has a huge fandom as a potential audience, while 'The Sandman' is clearly a more niche product. Still, the show shows great results, remaining in Netflix's global top 10 for over six weeks and more than 19,590,000 hours viewed.

But even the impressive figures do not guarantee safety for Netflix shows, as we already know.

"The 7th show on that list [TV Times' list] got cancelled, First Kill. It was really good too. I just don't trust Netflix, I think it's a coin flip at this point," Reddit user The_Pip argued.

However, some people remain hopeful.

"As it's the only show that is neither a spin-off nor part of a bigger shared universe, I'd say Sandman is doing very well," Redditor DenaPhoenix said. "As we've seen with the Witcher, Netflix can read audience reactions, and invest when they think the investment is worth it. I honestly think that we should all just chill and wait. We might not get the good news for a while."

It might be tough for some fans to just chill and wait, though, now that they know that the script for season 2 is ready, as Neil Gaiman announced it on Twitter. The author of the series made it clear that the only thing needed for 'The Sandman' is a green light from Netflix.

But the streaming platform remains tight-lipped about the potential second season, even though the so-called "30-day window" after the premiere is already closed. As of now, all fans can do is wait and hope that the show's worldwide success secures a long-awaited second season for 'The Sandman'.