Neil Gaiman: 'The Sandman' Season 2 Script is Ready, Only Needs Netflix's Green Light

Neil Gaiman: 'The Sandman' Season 2 Script is Ready, Only Needs Netflix's Green Light
Image credit: Netflix

Despite massive worldwide success, 'The Sandman' still remains to be renewed for season 2 by Netflix.

The TV adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's iconic graphic novel 'Sandman' has proved to be quite successful as it continues to top Netflix charts and bathe in fan love. The story also has plenty of source material to develop further, and both fans and the creative team are eager for the series to continue.

However, Netflix remains tight-lipped about the show's future. With fans fearing that 'The Sandman ' could end up canceled just like 'First Kill' or undermined like 'The Umbrella Academy ', Neil Gaiman has weighed in — only to fuel the concerns.

"Scripts for Season 2 were written this year so we would be ready to go if we get another season," he revealed on Twitter while talking to his followers.

While the news certainly gives some hope, highlighting that the creative team is all in to continue, it also underlines the uncertainty 'The Sandman' is now facing. The show has spent more than four weeks on Netflix's #1 spot, but the platform has not yet greenlighted the second season.

Given that Netflix can be notoriously merciless to its one-season shows even when they show impressive numbers, fans are now biting their nails as they wait for news. Gaiman, for his part, seems to be in this together with the fandom as he engages in discussions with fans and even supports some of their ideas. For instance, he has recently indicated that he would be on board with the idea to launch a Johanna Constantine spinoff.

For that to happen, however, the original show has to be greenlit at first. Fans are enthusiastically streaming the show in hopes that it would help set its numbers even higher, but as of now, the future of the project remains unclear.

But now that fans know for sure that the script for season 2 exists, a cancellation announcement might trigger an actual online riot.