Here's Why Jamie Campbell Bower Refused to Apologize to Joseph Quinn

Here's Why Jamie Campbell Bower Refused to Apologize to Joseph Quinn
Image credit: Legion-Media

Uh-oh, is there a drama?

Some 'Stranger Things ' fans have been trying to pressure Jamie Campbell Bower, who portrayed the main villain of season 4, Vecna, to apologize to Joseph Quinn for murdering his character Eddie Munson on the show. However, Jamie has vehemently refused.

"I haven't got a single boo [on the streets] yet, but when we went away to South America [for promo] they tried to make me apologize to Joseph," Bower told NME. "I was like, 'I don't want to apologize — I'm not sorry! He's a victim.'"

The demand for apology came despite the fact that technically, Eddie did not die at the hands of Vecna himself, but rather lost a battle to a swarm of demobats in the Upside Down shortly after delivering a Metallica cover to distract them from the Hawkins gang.

Still, Eddie is being considered as one of the numerous Vecna victims. And despite Bower's refusal to apologize in South America, he did say he was sorry at some point in mid-July – not just to Joseph Quinn, but also to viewers.

And he did it beautifully.

Calls for the actor to apologize for his character come as Bower, as well as Quinn, Finn Wolfhard and other 'Stranger Things' cast members reunite at Fan Expo Canada. Judging by the behavior of the actors during the panels, Quinn and Bower don't have bad blood at all: the two were yet again seen hugging and laughing with each other – to the great satisfaction among fans.

Just look at these two.

People went straight into fangirling mode as soon as they saw a reunion of Quinn and Bower – and the two did not disappoint them. So it would seem that Bower does not have anything to apologize for indeed – except for stealing our hearts yet again.