Here's Why Mark Ruffalo Won't Be Hosting SNL Anytime Soon

Here's Why Mark Ruffalo Won't Be Hosting SNL Anytime Soon
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Perfectionism never helps.


  • Mark Ruffalo is an American actor, most recently praised for his performance in Poor Things.
  • With an extensive filmography and a successful acting career, Ruffalo recently admitted that he once turned down an invitation to SNL.
  • Now, the actor believes he will never be asked to host again.

There are many opportunities that young actors dream about when they are just starting out in the entertainment industry. Many hope to one day attend all the fancy parties, others want their own award, and some just want to work with certain co-stars and directors when they get the chance.

The majority, however, understand that one of the most prominent signs of success is getting to host an episode of Saturday Night Live. The show, watched and loved by millions around the world, remains a perfect way to forever leave your mark on pop culture and showcase your comedic talent.

But not every celebrity is cut out for such a show. Although it is easy for viewers to watch, SNL is known to be quite the boot camp for its guests as they work on their sketches and monologues. As a result, even stars like Mark Ruffalo may want to avoid the show and decline invitations.

Has Mark Ruffalo Ever Hosted SNL?

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Speaking with Marc Maron on his WTF podcast, Mark Ruffalo got candid about his complicated relationship with SNL. Though he's been a fan of the show for years, the actor doesn't think he'd be a good fit as host. In fact, he was asked once and had to turn it down.

Now, not only is Ruffalo sure he'll never be asked again, but he doesn't think he'd be any good if he was. And there is a much deeper explanation for this than an absolute fear of disappointing Lorne Michaels.

“It scares me. I’m dyslexic. I’m not gonna lie. You don’t lie on this show. <...> I’ll lose where I’m at on the page. When I hear about how that show works, changing things at the last second, and I want to be good at it. I’ve been watching that my whole life and like, I don’t want to be the guy, the host who sucks,” he explained.

Of course, it is much harder for people with dyslexia to comprehend any written text, especially one that can be changed at any moment to make it funnier or more relatable. The chaotic atmosphere of SNL production doesn't really lend itself to the level of preparation an actor needs to feel completely comfortable.

However, Ruffalo fans believe that with all those Oscar nominations, the actor has proven his talent just enough to be able to salvage any awkward moment that might be caught during a monologue. So Saturday Night Live may still be a possibility, albeit in the distant future.

Source: WTF with Marc Maron