Here's Why 'Matilda' is Trending in Wake of 'Harry's House' Track List Reveal

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Harry Styles and the power he wields with just the titles of his songs, right?

Harry Styles has unveiled the track list of his upcoming album 'Harry's House' on Thursday, predictably triggering a wave of joy and fan theories suggesting what the songs will be like based on their titles.

And there is this one particular title that seems to enjoy some kind of supremacy. It's 'Matilda', and it looks like we just have to trust the fans' gut when they feel a true hit coming.

The title prompted hundreds of guesses as to what – or who – the song will be about. Some fans suggested that the track will channel some vibes of the movie 'Matilda' about a girl who uses her sudden psychokinetic abilities to deal with her abusive family.

Some even suggested that Matilda from the movie even has a bigger role in Harry's album.

But you know who was the most ecstatic to find out that Harry named one of his songs 'Matilda'? Yep, the girls named Matilda.

Wait until they actually hear the song on May 20! Along with other songs from 'Harry's House', of course.

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