Here's Why People Suddenly Ship Caraxes with Syrax

Here's Why People Suddenly Ship Caraxes with Syrax
Image credit: HBO Max

If you're tired of incest and gore in 'House of the Dragon', the show has got one unproblematic pairing for you.

Four episodes into the story, 'House of the Dragon ' has already offered plenty of characters to ship with each other, but hardly anyone is actually a likable person or has the potential to develop somewhat healthy relationships.

So why don't we turn to the dragons, huh? That's precisely what some of the fans thought, especially after hearing the show's sound designer, Joanna Robinson, musing on how Caraxes comes up with songs for Syrax.

When Rhaenyra faced off with Daemon in Dragonstone, fans spotted some chemistry between their dragons. Before Robinson suggested that by his signature roar Caraxes was trying to "flirt" with Syrax, people preferred to follow the relationships between dragons rather than observe the drama unfolding in the human realm.

Fans have even come up with a ship name and a specific hashtag, #syraxes, to share fan art about the two dragons they believe are in love. Besides, the fact that both are ridden by Daemon and Rhaenyra respectively just adds fuel to the fire because these two also have this kind of unresolved tension and insane chemistry.

Although Daemon could clearly be less problematic of a rider.

"I know Caraxes is sick of him. Every time he gets to come to kings landing for some rest and relaxation and quality time with his girl Syrax Daemon ruins it. He's gonna burn him alive one day watch," Twitter user Miss_AshG argued.

In fact, it is clear that fans would want 'House of the Dragon' to focus more on the relationships between dragons. It could be a potentially dramatic thing to explore, given that the upcoming Dance of the Dragons will have them fighting against each other.

'House of the Dragon' is currently streaming on HBO Max, and we have six more episodes to explore the dragons. New episodes premiere every Sunday.