Here's Why Russo Brothers Prefer Netflix to Marvel

Here's Why Russo Brothers Prefer Netflix to Marvel
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Russo brothers think it's time for Disney and Marvel Studios to rethink their business strategies as Netflix might take over the front stage and leave Disney behind in box office and creativeness.

The Russo brothers, best known for directing Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, commented in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that Phase 4 of the MCU was affected by the restrictions Disney places on its projects.

Since starting its Cinematic Universe, Marvel has drastically changed its business model: From just waiting to see where individual stories work, to building an ironclad plan for years in the future.

As per Russos, "Disney's gone very conservative". Fans can see that the company is now much less ready to take risks necessary for the creative growth.

It's entirely possible that when Marvel and Disney executives control absolutely every project, there's less innovation and we might end up with the same superhero movies and TV shows that are already established formulas.

When the future of MCU is mapped for years and years ahead, there's so little leeway when it comes to deciding what to do with specific characters or how to direct the story.

As apparently the Marvel authorities keep the story of how the future Phases will unfold in iron hand, they are less likely to give creative freedom to individual directors.

Arguably, this is what lies behind some backlash over latest Doctor Strange and Thor movies.

The Russo Brothers have since moved onto Netflix where they have made other massive movies like Extraction and The Gray Man (both available on Netflix), with Extraction 2 and Electric State feature films on the way (to appear on the same streaming giant in 2023).

Russo Brothers admit there's less pressure in working with Netflix. There, "nobody bothers you", says Joe Russo in the same The Hollywood Reporter interview.

The Netflix people are "very hands-off" when it comes to creating content. A thing that seemed to have been different at Marvel. Money-wise there's no right answer just in this immediate moment.

We're all aware of the smashing box-office results MCU movies have and undoubtedly will have in the foreseeable future, all the while streaming giants are also able to pour money into perspective projects (albeit changing their business models on the way as the situation dictates).

We will see which model takes the upper hand in the upcoming years. Or maybe the most lucrative option lies somewhere in the middle.