Here's Why There's No Teen Wolf Movie Official Release Date Yet

Here's Why There's No Teen Wolf Movie Official Release Date Yet
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If you can't stand any more of that "streaming soon" nonsense, we got you.

Teen Wolf fans were excited to learn that there is a movie coming, but what appears to overshadow their happiness is the fact that no one can actually say when exactly it is coming.

With no exact date in perspective, the official trailer only says "streaming soon", and reports suggest that Teen Wolf: The Movie will be released in October 2022. Given that release is planned for as soon as next month, it's weird that the exact date is still unknown.

However, there might be a logical explanation for it.

Some fans believe that the lack of official date announcement is due to the cast and crew having to re-shoot some of the scenes, which naturally affects the post-production period as well.

"Filming for shows which are much longer than movies of course usually takes some months, with post production being a couple extra on top of that. As far as I recall one of the Game of Thrones seasons took 4 months to film. Post production is prob[ably] a little less than that. A 2 hours movies post production could probably be done in less than a month then," Reddit user krill_ep mentioned.

The shooting, however, is said to have wrapped up in May 2022. Although a massive reunion is promised, several cast members are notably absent, among them Dylan O'Brien who portrayed Stiles Stilinski and Arden Cho who reprised Kira Yukimura. While Dylan O'Brien not participating in the reunion was a sad but understandable affair for his fans, Yukimura's absence was connected to a salary scandal. It was reported that Arden Cho, who starred in four consecutive seasons of Teen Wolf, was offered a lot less money for the role in the upcoming movie than her castmates. The actress reportedly turned the offer down and won't reprise her role.

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Teen Wolf: The Movie is going to follow werewolf Scott McCall, portrayed by Tyler Posey as he struggles to protect Beacon Hills from a new threat. The movie will be streaming on Paramount Plus.