Here’s Why Daniel Radcliffe Won’t Return To Hogwarts Anytime Soon

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The Story of The Boy Who Lived ended a long time ago – at least that’s what Daniel Radcliffe has been saying for years when being asked about the chances that he may get back to the role of Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe does not seem to be very eager to return to Hogwarts - it seems that he is glad that he was able to turn this page and go on with other projects.

“Not every part that I do is like a reflection of how I feel about Potter,” Radcliffe told ET Online on the red carpet. “I feel like maybe when I was first, like, leaving Potter… but now I’m kind of just like… I know, I get to pick really fun stuff, and I’m in a rare position to be able to pick just, like, the stuff I like, so… I’m good.”

Well, that’s a solid point. Sorry, Hogwarts lovers!

However, some people believe Radcliffe’s stance may change when the studio offers enough money.

The issue of Radcliffe potentially coming back to the Hogwarts hallways emerged amid the speculations of ‘The Cursed Child’ to be turned into a movie. But do fans want this movie? Seems like not. Unless…

Nope, most definitely not.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ is a sequel to the famous Wizarding World saga involving the new generation of wizards. The play did not only appear on pages of the books, but also on stage; however, the casting and the story drew a lot of criticism.

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