Here’s Why Fans Think Bryce Dallas Howard Will Get An Oscar For Directing

Image credit: Legion-Media

It’s unclear whether there is a tendency when it comes to Oscar-winning movies or actors, but some people believe that there might be!

If you remember the movie ‘The Help’ released in 2011, you might realize that a lot of people involved in the film have actually got their Oscar!

Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain – these people have already received their awards. So Twitter suggested that maybe there is something special about the movie that just makes those involved in it 'magnetic' for Oscars.

Bryce Dallas Howard also was in ‘The Help’, but her role was not exactly a very pleasing one, as she portrayed the racist Hilly Holbrook. Howard herself says that she is now “cringing” when she remembers that role.

But it seems that everyone supports the idea of her getting an Oscar – as a director, not an actor, however.

Although Howard is best known for her role in Jurassic Park blockbuster franchise, you may have seen the 2015 short film Solemates that she directed. She also directed an episode of ‘Mandalorian’, and some people believe she is a perfect choice for a director’s seat in the new Star Wars movie.

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