Here’s Why Sex Education Actually Slayed With That Controversial Ending

Here’s Why Sex Education Actually Slayed With That Controversial Ending
Image credit: Netflix

While one chapter ends, the next one begins.

When the show gets as big and as important to as many people as Sex Education did, it's almost impossible to create an ending that won't cause controversy. No matter what approach you take, no matter what story you plan for the characters, some fans' visions won't align, and they'll end up disappointed.

This happened with Riverdale, even though the show's bizarre plot didn't allow for much deep reflection on the characters' paths. It inevitably happened to Sex Education, even though the showrunners did everything they could to end it on a high note.

As is usually the case with coming-of-age dramas, the series finale had to set the characters up for the future. And it did, sending Maeve back to the U.S. to continue her studies, Adam to a farm, and Eric on his way to becoming a pastor.

While this may not have been what the viewers had in mind for them, and certainly not what they had hoped for, it just goes to show how complicated life after school can be, and what unexpected twists and turns it can take. While many wanted to see Otis and Maeve reconcile, the reality is that two 17-year-olds rarely stay together.

And when they do, well, we all saw what a mess of a relationship that turned out to be on Glee.

Maeve's flight back was a heartbreaking but very well-intentioned message to younger viewers who may be facing similar issues: don't feel like you have to be tied down to one place. Starting a new chapter in your life may be challenging and sometimes require you to start all over again, but that is just part of a much larger journey.

Also, Maeve's final arc makes Otis' finale even better and more meaningful. Him making up with Eric, spending the night, and feeling just like they did all those years ago when nothing was stronger than friendship, what could be better?

Whether you enjoyed the finale or have some thoughts on how the team could’ve made it better, you can go ahead and stream Sex Education on Netflix from seasons 1 to 4 and reflect on the characters’ development.