Hermione Granger Was an Utterly Unhinged and Morally Questionable Menace to Society

Hermione Granger Was an Utterly Unhinged and Morally Questionable Menace to Society
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By no means was Hermione the goody-two-shoes everyone pictures her to be; instead, she was a ruthless and dangerous person… Oi, come on, we’ll prove it.

Hermione Granger is typically perceived as the perfect student and the perfect person: always following the rules, (almost) always kind and considerate, and so on. However, if we take a closer look, we’ll see just how unhinged she was becoming every single time she didn’t want to be bound by the rules and the ethics.

In The Philosopher’s Stone, 11-year-old Hermione notices that her friend’s broom is behaving weirdly and assumes that her hated Potions Professor might be the reason for that. What’s her immediate and instinctive solution? Literally setting him on fire from stealth mode! That’s a strong start already, don’t you think?

In The Chamber of Secrets, when the boys needed Crabbe and Goyle’s hair, 12-year-old Hermione came up with a brilliant plan, too. To collect the hair, she decides to poison her fellow students’ food and stuff their unconscious bodies in a closet… Come on, girl, isn’t that a little bit excessive?

The Goblet of Fire is when things become real. Hermione curses an immensely talented quidditch player to lose just because she doesn’t like him, then curses Ron with magical assault birds for being happy with another girl…and in the end, she kidnaps, tortures, and blackmails a reporter for getting in her way! What the hell?..

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The Order of Phoenix saw Hermione’s rampage continue. She creates an illegal student organization, secretly curses potential snitches, leaves a girl with a permanently disfigured face, and purposefully leads her Headmaster toward a bunch of creatures that are eager to harm said Headmaster in various ways. Dope.

In The Deathly Hallows, Hermione gets no better idea of protecting her parents than forcefully altering their memories and turning them into completely different people. All the time, she knew perfectly well that if she were to never return, they’d be stuck like that forever — and she never asked for their consent. That’s criminal.

Hermione Granger was absolutely unhinged and dangerous, and coupled with her self-righteousness, she could’ve gone down a really dark path. Good thing she befriended Harry and Ron early on and stuck with them…even though this still didn’t prevent her from committing numerous scary and even unjustified crimes.

Dark Hermione, anyone?