'Herogasm' Teaser Breakdown: 3 Major Reddit Theories

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'The Boys' is preparing to shock viewers with a very controversial episode this Friday, and it looks like the teaser hints that there's a lot of perversion ahead.

Based on the comic book spinoff, 'Herogasm' deals with the annual superhero ritual of 'The Boys' universe – a huge orgy filled with perverse sexual rituals and good old-fashioned ultra-violence. Despite the fact that the original comic contains some of the most vomit-inducing scenes in comic book history, Amazon decided to adapt it for television, although choosing to cut out some of the more controversial scenes. And with a new teaser showing off some of the upcoming events, fans just can't wait to finally see what Eric Kripke and his creative team have in store for them.

Even though the teaser is only 20-plus seconds long and contains only a few close-up scenes, it reveals a lot, thanks to a huge disclaimer warning viewers against watching the episode at all. Among the features listed in the disclaimer, fans were shocked to see the likes of "Air Penetration," "Icicle Phalluses," and "Dildo-Based Maiming," which will be featured in the upcoming episode. Fans are no doubt looking forward to seeing how many obscene things Amazon has allowed to be shown on the show.

But despite the written text detailing the obscenity taking the spotlight, fans on Reddit noticed a couple of curious details in the actual footage – one is that Hughie, Butcher and Soldier Boy will somehow be present at the orgy, although this was not expected at all.

"I was thinking they would keep Hughie (and therefore Butcher and Soldier Boy) far away from Herogasm so fans wouldn't be anxiously thinking about him getting raped by Black Noir the whole time." – /your_mind_aches.

Others were happy to see the return of Russian supe Love Sausage after season 2, and fans got a theory about what this crazy character might do in the upcoming event.

"I'm excited that they're actually doing it. I thought the writers were going to just forget him after choking MM with his d***k. Glad he's not a one-off! Maybe they'll all get super hammered off his alcohol too..." – /do0tz.

Despite all the hype surrounding 'Herogasm', yet another one popular fan theory suggests that the episode will utilize the shock factor only, showing gruesome sex scenes without much narrative justification.

"I'm really praying it's not a pure shock value episode. The excessive violence and sexual stuff is not what I watch the show for (but the way it's used mostly enhances the show). They've generally done a good job at balancing that stuff with competent writing and fantastic character work. I'm just hoping it's not "oh wow everyone is having sex or god forbid getting raped the episode" which is what I'd lean towards based on the way the cast members are talking about it." – /SuperSceptile2821.

'Herogasm' episode is scheduled to arrive on Amazon Prime on June 24.

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