Hidden Meaning Behind That Terrifying Ear Scene in Yellowjackets

Hidden Meaning Behind That Terrifying Ear Scene in Yellowjackets
Image credit: Showtime

What the Yellowjackets fans have been waiting for so long has finally happened.

The first season of Yellowjackets was dark and crazy, but the second season topped it all with one short scene (that everyone was secretly waiting for).

However, the scene of eating a human has somehow become a display of the character's inner experiences rather than a terrifying action.

Jackie has been dead for two months, but Shauna refuses to let her go, feeling guilty that she was part of the catalyst for the events that led to her friend's death.

At the end of the first season, after the fight, Shauna makes Jackie sleep outside. It is not difficult to guess that Jackie did not survive the night in the cold and became a frozen statue.

Instead of burying her friend, Shauna carries her to the barn, where communicates with her as if she was still alive.

As much as she tried to justify her relationship with Jeff, she finally realized that what she was doing was no accident.

Although Shauna was tired of Jackie's tantrums, she wanted to live her life. She wanted Jeff because he was the man Jackie was attracted to.

She knew that Jackie was reluctant to sleep with Jeff, so she offered him something that Jackie could not.

Shauna simply cannot come to terms with what she has done and what it has led to, cannot accept that Jackie is actually dead, so she has conversations with her, delving deeper and deeper into her own motives.

One of these conversations leads to a fight between Jackie's petrified corpse and Shauna (who obviously won).

After calming down, Shauna sees that Jackie's ear is broken off, which she tries to reattach, but apparently to no avail. Here you can understand that the ear is not just an ear, but a metaphor for their relationship.

As much as Shauna wants to make amends for what happened, and as much as she feels guilty, putting an ear on a corpse is not going to work just like getting Jackie and their friendship back is not going to happen.

The ear in Shauna's pocket is an unbearable weight that cannot be shaken. The ear becomes a symbol of a broken relationship, and in the end, Shauna gives in and puts the ear in her mouth.

The viewers hears the crunch, and it kills any desire to ever eat during this show. Shauna did not do this out of hunger – she was afraid of losing Jackie and was establishing an eternal connection with the body by consuming it.

Shauna's friendship with Jackie was very complicated. It was filled with feelings of love, envy, hate, anger, and compassion.

Since Shauna was not ready to part with the body, she decided to make it part of her body. What other show could turn an act of cannibalism into a tender confession?