"Hot & Heavy": Hayden Christensen Breaks Down Darth Vader's Costume

Image credit: Legion-Media

Nothing could scare and excite 'Star Wars' fans more than the intimidating sound of Darth Vader's breath from behind the black mask. Ever wondered how it feels to actually wear it?

Hayden Christensen, the actor behind the iconic role of Darth Vader, has revealed some secrets about the signature black costume his character is wearing.

Speaking to Time Out, Christensen did not only share his excitement about returning to the role for 'Obi-Wan Kenobi ', but also revealed that the costume is "hot and heavy".

But the costume designers seem to have some mercy towards the actor.

"But you know, there's an under-layer to the Vader suit that has cooling liquid in it, so when you're not working you sit down and get plugged into this device that circulates the liquid and helps you cool down. And the need for that mechanical element makes you feel even more like the character," Christensen explained.

There is another perk of being Darth Vader, the actor continued, and it's the fact that the full-body costume provides complete freedom from having to care about hair and make-up.

"It's great to hide behind a mask!" Christensen admitted.

He also said that it was "an incredible experience" for him to put the suit back on decades after the prequel trilogy hit screens.

Darth Vader is set to return in 'Obi-Wan Kenobi', with the show about the Jedi Master scheduled to premiere on Disney Plus on May 27.