HotD Fandom Fears One Sad Prospect For Alicent Hightower In S2

HotD Fandom Fears One Sad Prospect For Alicent Hightower In S2
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There’s a fate way worse than becoming a secondary character.


  • House of The Dragon is an HBO show, a prequel to another fantasy drama hit, Game of Thrones.
  • While the show is adapted from George R. R. Martin's novel as well as the first show, the premise has been changed.
  • As confirmed by the season 2 teaser, Alicent Hightower will remain a central character.
  • However, fans are concerned that she won't have enough of a purpose during the war.

After the controversy caused by the Game of Thrones finale, all fans of George R.R. Martin's universe were a little apprehensive about the production of a prequel. Even though it was widely known that HBO wanted to make the story as good as possible and would invest some good money in it, people still weren't ready to trust the writers.

Although there were a few confusing moments throughout season 1, mostly related to the various time jumps, the season as a whole managed to prove the skeptics wrong. Even the changed premise and the fact that the teams Black and Green are now more about Rhaenyra and Alicent than Rhaenyra and Aegon did not bother the fans that much.

The latest promo for House of The Dragon season 2 confirms that the show will stick to the same characters. However, that's where some people feel the show should have taken a turn. While it's always a pleasure to see Olivia Cooke's emotional performances, tears and grief wouldn't be enough to keep her character relevant.

Will Alicent Hightower Rule in HotD Season 2?

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As of today, fans see two paths the show's storyline can take. In one case, Alicent Hightower manages to retain some sort of power through her son Aegon and navigates the story as his chief advisor. However, knowing that women have no place in royal politics, she's likely to be manipulated and dismissed once again by her father, Otto Hightower.

The role of a deeply devastated mother, stripped of all her power and forced to watch the war she's responsible for, is another path for Alicent. Not only is it more realistic in the context of the show as a whole, but also for the particular part of Targaryen history that this season will capture.

The bad thing is that with Alicent at the center but powerless, she won't be an interesting character to watch, just as she wouldn't be an interesting counterpart to Team Black's Rhaenyra. Infuriated by the murder of her son, Princess Rhaenyra is sure to be very involved in the war, which would make her a stronger character.

However, it's important to remember that there's no real way to tell what's in store for both teams in the future. Although the teaser for House of The Dragon season 2 gave viewers a glimpse of what's to come, it's not enough for a thorough analysis. Keep an eye out for more exciting updates!