'House of the Dragon' Episode 4 Has Fans Speculating About Daemon's Wife

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Throughout all four episodes of 'House of the Dragon', Daemon does not miss the opportunity to make some kind of nasty or caustic comment about his wife.

In the prince's eyes, his wife is definitely a monster. But since Daemon's wife hasn't even appeared on screen yet, fans can only rely on the words of the "unfortunate husband".

However, viewers guess that everything is probably not as simple as it seems. Judging by the episodes already released, objectivity is clearly not one of Daemon's strong points. It is quite possible that the prince cannot sensibly assess his wife's moral and physical qualities. Most fans believe that Daemon only hates his wife because he didn't choose her as his life partner. Given his selfish and bossy nature, the mere fact Daemon wasn't allowed to make that choice offends and humiliates him to the core. Therefore, fans won't be surprised if soon it turns out that his wife is actually the kindest, smartest and most amazing person in the world.

"Knowing Daemon, she could totally just be the most chill wife that bakes cookies for her friends and likes to read a lot." – /LeagueOfML

For some fans, the situation looks a lot like the one in 'The Other Guys' movie, where Will Ferrell's character also constantly made a monster out of his wife, and in the end she turned out to be Eva Mendes at her hottest.

Fans also claim that it is precisely because Daemon's wife is the sweetest woman without a single flaw that she receives such constant negativity from him. After all, the prince cannot stand everything that is generally accepted and morally correct, for him it's all too boring. Daemon is an adventurer and a debauchee; it would be out of character, perhaps, if an ordinary decent girl was to his liking.

No wonder Daemon has feelings for his niece Rhaenyra, who single-handedly killed a boar and then went to the royal event covered in blood as if nothing had happened. Although this behavior is more like that of a monster, Daemon treats Rhaenyra very warmly (by Daemon's standards). Apparently, he appreciates such brutality in women much more than cuteness and kindness.

It also turned out that some fans mistakenly believed that Daemon was married to his mistress, who was a prostitute in the past. Perhaps Daemon would have preferred this option, but his legal wife is out of King's Landing.

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