'House of the Dragon' Episode 4 is the Best One So Far, According to Reddit

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Unlike the previous episode of the series, that was focused on battles and conquest, episode 4 focuses on romance and some pretty steamy intimate moments. Finally, viewers can take a break from epic scenes.

The episode begins with King Viserys persuading Rhaenyra to accept the fact that she needs to get married. However, the princess is lucky, she is given the Tinder of the Middle Ages – namely, they arrange a bridegroom, during which she can choose anyone. But of course, Rhaenyra does not need just anyone, because this someone obviously must be at least as handsome and strong as her knight Criston Cole, for whom the girl definitely has romantic feelings.

However, the situation is complicated by Daemon who returned to the Kingdom and decided to invite his niece... to a brothel. After that, he kisses Rhaenyra, but soon leaves her alone. When she gets home, Rhaenyra seduces her knight. Later, the King finds out about his daughter's night walk to the brothel with Daemon, thinking that they slept together. King Viserys banishes his brother from King's Landing once again and gives his daughter tea with contraceptive properties.

Despite the fact that at first glance the idea of a date in a brothel seems questionable, fans absolutely support Daemon's decision, all the while speculating as to why he chose such a place for a romantic date. Perhaps this is how he wanted to reveal Rhaenyra's "true Targaryen nature," so that the girl would be bolder and willing to take whatever she wants from the world.

And these fan theories actually make a lot of sense. Remember Daenerys? She was turned from a timid and complaisant girl into a real Dragon after she lived in the Dathraki tribe, which basically could be considered a brothel, because their orgies were considered an "ordinary Tuesday".

"I'm pretty sure the only reason Daemon took Rhaenyra to the brothel was to teach her as a Targaryen u take what u want," Reddit user Academic_Nothing_890 speculated.

But some fans think that it was Daemon's attempt to turn the girl against her father, as King imposes on her his visions of a decent princess who should live solely for the good of the family and the Kingdom. Having shown that there is an alternative, a brighter and more passionate life, forbidden and unknown, Daemon probably expects that his niece will go over to his side, which of course is very convenient for the prince.

The audience also appreciated the screenwriters' move to show the absolutely boring and lifeless intimate relationship between Viserys and Allicent right after the scene set in a brothel. This contrast further emphasizes the differences between two relationships: that of Daemon and Rhaenyra versus Viserys and his new Queen.

"I actually like that he took her there. It's a gift to her – an understanding that sex was something that could happen with her instead of to her and something she could enjoy. I like that they contrasted that with Alicent's moment with the King." – /dinosaurscantyoyo

The best thing about the whole Episode 4, according to Redditors, is integrity of the characters and their development. The behavior of the characters is so logical that some fans already understand what exactly the characters have in their minds, how do they think and what they want, analyzing their hidden motives.

"I was curious of how they were going to approach this, uh, "relationship". And I think they did wonderfully. As for Daemon, who's a pretty difficult character and has so many layers, he's portrayed to perfection. He doesn't need to say anything and I already know all the things that are going through his head. Rhaenyra is just amazing, as so is Viserys, Otto and Alicent. I'm so hyped and looking forward for what's about to come." – /Koralina7

But there is one more sex scene that made fans screaming – Rhaenyra and Criston, her knight. It was really unexpected, and that's made the audience hooked on this episode even more.

"This episode was an actual rollercoaster, I was screaming/ crying out multiple times bc I didn't want Daemon and Rhae's first time to be in a brothel! And then when Rhae got with Criston! And then when Otto was telling Viserys about Rhae and Daemon, omg." – Sorsha_Obrien

One of the most important moments that made the audience admit that the twist of this episode is 10 out of 10, was the scene when Rhaenyra looks at the tea contraceptive that her father offers to her. In that moment she should decide what she wants more – her father's trust or not to get pregnant. And this turn of the plot made the audience feel excited even more.

"The last scene where Rhaenyra realizes that her father doesn't believe her about Daemon and is staring at the contraceptive tea was a really good twist of the knife." – /Excellent_Aerie

New episodes of 'House of the Dragon' premiere on HBO Max every Sunday.

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