House of the Dragon Heads Straight Into The Trap That Ruined Game of Thrones

House of the Dragon Heads Straight Into The Trap That Ruined Game of Thrones
Image credit: Legion-Media

One should hope HBO learned its lessons before, and it won't be another letdown.

After the first season of House Of The Dragon came to an end, season 2 was already highly anticipated by fans.

There was no question as to whether or not the show would continue, as it was renewed on HBO just a few days into its run.

However, the production dates as well as the possible release date were unclear.

Deadline shed some light on the showrunner's plans in their recent article: season 2 will premiere in the summer of 2024, with 8 episodes, and a strong possibility of a season 3 after that.

While some fans found comfort in having a specific date for the return of their favorite show, the overall reception of such news was not great.

With the memory of Game Of Thrones' disastrous ending still fresh in their minds, viewers are afraid that House Of The Dragon will suffer the same problems.

Although Deadline's sources state that the decision to shorten season 2 comes from the storyline point of view and not from cutting costs, fans are not eager to believe it.

Even the possibility of seasons 3 and 4 does not help the situation.

For a show that had some major time jumps in a span of 10 episodes, time seems to be crucial, so cutting the number of episodes down to 8 might make it feel even more rushed than it already was.

If season 2 is bad, who would care about seasons 3 and 4 at all?

"I can only pray that Season 3 is at least 10 episodes. 12 episodes is dreaming. I get that it's all about the story but Season 1 felt so rushed.

I want to be able to sit and breathe their world like a book, not a marathon-sprinted," Redditor SuperSunSeven said, mentioning how season 3 could make things at least a bit better for the audience.

The production of House Of The Dragon season 2 is about to begin this April, with the end product hitting the screens in the summer of 2024.

Until then, hold tight and look out for other news from the set, or re-watch the first season on HBO Max.