House of the Dragon Opening Credits Might Be a Chilling Foreshadowing

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The opening was already creepy enough, but this fan theory has certainly made it even worse.

Every new House of the Dragon episode starts with the same music Game of Thrones used in its opening credits, but the visuals are different, taking a viewer through what appears to be a complicated mechanism depicting various houses and how they are triggered by blood that flows through them.

That alone is always quite unsettling and impressive to watch, but the newest Reddit theory has come up with a hidden meaning behind the show's opening credits. According to the theory, a big model that King Viserys is assembling in his chambers in his free time is in fact that very mechanism shown in the opening credits.

The prediction is that someone — most likely Viserys himself — is going to die and fall on this model, basically providing a rendition of the opening credits.

"The blood will run over it similar to what happens in the opening credits and we will realize that that is what we were looking at all along," Redditor theyusedthelamppost suggested.

That would be a loop that no one asked for but would definitely be impressed of. However, fans doubt that Viserys is going to have a violent death. Given that he has been battling leprosy for several episodes, it's likely that he is going to finally fall victim to his disease, and not someone's blade.

Still, there are plenty of characters who are likely to get stabbed in front of his beloved Westeros model and make the fan theory come true. Besides, HBO Max's show is not exactly known for meticulously following the books, so the series might as well bring the viewers some kind of a surprise when it comes to Viserys' death.

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As of now, the king appears to be quite lively even though he is suffering from his condition. He has managed to stay alive for well over ten years, albeit with his appearance worsening with every episode.

House of the Dragon is streaming on HBO Max, with new episodes arriving every Sunday. With just three episodes remaining until the end of season 1, the finale is scheduled to premiere on October 23.

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